Bonchon Chicken


Bonchon is a Korean word meaning “My Hometown”. The Bonchon Chicken restaurant began in 2002 in Busan, South Korea, 20 years ago.
This Korean fried chicken is made to order using the unique double frying method perfected by founder Jinduk Seo. All dishes are made to order, and prepared with fresh, quality ingredients available. The sauces are made only in Busan, South Korea, so every customer experiences the same authentic taste, no matter where they are.

Enjoy a truly authentic, yet healthy Korean dining experience at Bonchon – with zero trans-fat chicken meat, fresh vegetables and fresh ingredients to give you the best-tasting comfort food without needing to feel guilty.

Even their drinks are unique:

Pear and Passionfruit Iced tea $5.50
A delicious pairing of fragrant pear with refreshing passionfruit and calming chamomile. A perfect drink to start your meal

New Drink
Kimchi Strawberries Cooler
Refreshing Kimchi with juicy sweet strawberry and fizz. A drink for hot summer days or food!
Yes the Kimchi goes very well in this drink, must-try

Bonchon Original Recipe Korean Fried Chicken, highly recommended.
Wings 6pcs $9.90
Boneless Chicken $13.30
Soy Garlic Sauce or Spicy Sauce
These chicken are made to order and double fried with coating of their special sauce. It is not too salty which is good. We love the Soy Garlic and those who enjoy spicy can go for the hot spicy sauce.

Fried Mandu $9.90
Korean-made dumplings fried and coated with Bonchon signature sauce. They are huge in size, so delicious.

Korean Seafood Pancakes $17.50
Haemul Pajeon, or Korean seafood pancake. A harmony of seafood, green onions and flavorful batter create a savoury pancake

Army Stew $29.90
A stew that was created during post-war in Korea using leftover army rations like sausage, Spam, baked beans, Kimchi and Gochujang. They also include chicken and Tteokbokki
The serving is great and after boiling for a while the soup base is very flavourful, surprisingly good.

Bonchon is in Hillion Mall, Compass One, Wisma Atria, Northpoint City

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