Wu Wang Gou 勿忘锅 Unforgettable Hot Pot


勿忘锅 means “Unforgettable Hot Pot” and the team want to make Wu Wang Guo an unforgettable hot pot experience for consumers. They focus on quality and healthy hot pots for customers. The team comprises experienced operators and food lovers who are committed to providing exceptional services and tasty food.

There are several soup base and we choose 4 of them in one pot.

1.WWG Collagen Beauty Soup
Must have soup boiled for 8 hours with pork, chicken bones, premium scallops, fish maw, sea cucumber. Aromatic and Collagen-rich, smooth texture, beauty junkies are delighted that drinking this soup promotes healthy skin.

2.Spicy Nourish Mala Soup
Homemade and made over 24 hours with herbs like Chinese Angelica root, Goji berries and ginseng. Mala fans will love this addictive soup.

3.Vitamin C Tomato Soup
Tangy and sweet tomato soup made using fresh cherry tomatoes and corn. Best for shabu shabu and vegetables, whet your appetites and boost your vitamin C intake.

4.Nourishing Drunken Chicken Soup
Made from premium herbs, red dates, Chinese Angelica root and Goji Berries. The milky colour of the soup from slowly simmering chicken bones for 6 hours to extract the essence of the chicken. A dash of Hua Diao and glutinous rice wine are added to elevate the taste of this collagen-rich soup.

Quart Pot: four soup base in one pot
Other popular dishes MUST-HAVE:

Assorted Ball Platter (Black Ebiko prawn ball, pork meatball, black pepper pork meatball, fish ball) $12.90
Sliced Chicken Thigh $6.90 / $13.80
Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef $59 / $108
US Prime Short Rib $15 / $30
US Marbled Beef Cube $14 / $28
Sliced Australian Beef Brisket $11 / $22
Sliced US Beef $8 / $16
Australian Sliced Lamb $9.40 / $18.80
Spanish Iberico Pork Collar $13 / $26
Sliced Pork Collar $8 / $16
Golden Pomfret $22 (400-450g)
Sake Drunken Prawn $13 / $26
Japan Hokkaido Scallop $11.90 / $23.80
Shrimp Dumpling $7.40 / $14.80
Seaweed Beancurd Skin $5.10 / $10.20
Fresh Mushroom $6
Signature Hot Flower Tea $2
Coconut Flower Sparkling drink $3.80

Overall Top Quality ingredients at an affordable price with a very helpful and friendly service team who assist new customers in ordering and explaining the content.
Highly recommended to check them out, reserve a table

133 New Bridge Road #03-09/10/11/12/13/14 Chinatown Point Singapore (059413)
WU WANG GUO TEL +6562270309

Opening Hours:
Sun to Thu: 11am to 10pm, Fri to Sat: 11am to 11pm

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