Flipper’s – Japan’s Famous Souffle Pancake


Flipper’s Singapore – Japan’s Famous Souffle Pancake

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to make the pancake on custom-made griddles from Japan. They do not use any pancake ring mould. The pancakes are expertly flipped to get that beautiful golden-brown top and bottom. Flipper’s Singapore uses Hinata eggs from Kanagawa prefecture. The eggs give the souffle pancakes an airy and delicate consistency. They also use Japanese flour milled from Hokkaido wheat.

Some of the items from the menu we have tasted and recommends:

Soup of the Day: Mushroom $5.50

Keiseki Pancake Egg Benedict $22.80

(Poached Hinata eggs, tiger prawns, avocado, smoked salmon, sauteed spinach and salad with sesame yuzu dressing)

Keiseki Pancake, Maple Bacon and Fried Egg $22.80

(Turkey bacon, fried Toretama egg, homemade rosti, salad with sesame yuzu dressing and maple syrup on the side)

The pancakes are irresistibly fluffy and pillow-soft with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. They are so delicate that they are served with two forks as part of Flipper’s signature experience.

Sakura Keiseki Pancakes, Seasonal limited edition $26.80

5 pretty pink souffle pancakes surround a homemade mochi wrapped ice cream. Topped off with ruby chocolate cream and preserved Sakura flowers, and decorated with strawberries, ruby chocolate and a dash of strawberry powder. Available from today, while stocks last!


Hot Sakura Matcha $7.20

This is a work of art. Savour the perfect pairing of floral notes and tea fragrance all in one smooth creamy latte.

Exclusively available at Flipper’s Bugis only.

Iced Sakura Milk $7.90

FLIPPER’S Pancakes is Ultra fluffy, pillow-soft, melt-in-your-mouth, it is now Halal-certified. Visit Flipper’s and immerse yourself amidst pink blooms with seasonal limited-edition Sakura Keiseki Pancakes and specially curated drinks. Make a reservation to avoid long queues!

Bugis Junction #01-97, 80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966

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