Daiyusan Japanese Restaurant


Daiyusan is a newly opened Japanese Restaurant in the Tai Seng Area. It’s a hidden gem, where you can find authentic Japanese Sushi and Sashimi, as well as donburi.

It has a tranquil ambience and a comfortable space for guests to enjoy dining.

The quality is good and at affordable prices. Chef has many years of experience in fine restaurants. They also provide island-wide delivery and are now available on delivery platforms.

What we have tasted so far, and recommend are:

UNA DON $13.90 (good quality Unagi used here)

DELUXE CHIRASHI ZUSHI $46.90 (this comes with premium fish as well as Russian Caviar and Uni)

SUSHI PLATTER 7 Premium Fish + Uni ($36.90)

Chawanmushi of The day $7.90

We tried two types of Chawanmushi, one with Uni and the other with Ika (Squid)

Unlike the usual teacup steamed egg, their Chawanmushi is changing daily. You will never know what is going to be served on your table.



55 Kim Chuan Drive, Precise Tree,#02-03 Singapore 537098

Monday to Saturday 10.30am-10.30pm

Whatsapp Tel: 8787 8747

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