Saveur Thai New Restaurant at 151 Lor Chuan NTP+ (Hala Certified)


Hala Certified and Established in 2014, Saveur Thai® is helmed by a team of chefs from Thailand who takes pride in delighting Thai food lovers with cuisine that is close to their hearts.

They started with two coffee shop locations in Clementi Ave 4 and Ang Mo Kio Ave 8. The new location at 151 Lor Chuan New tech Park NTP+ is a restaurant with beautiful decor and spacious seating. We recently tried their signature dishes and recommend them.(Prices are dine-in price for reference)


Signature Tom Yum Seafood Red Soup $8.90++

Full of flavour and thick spicy tom yam soup. Chunky seafood inside and slices of fish too.


Isan Grilled Black Angus Beef with Spicy Thai BBQ Sauce S$ 22.90++

Grilled to perfection, the inside is still juicy and tender. Goes well with the Thai sauce and chilli powder


Lobster with Yellow Curry Sauce S$ 38.90++

Quite a large size lobster sliced into two for sharing. The yellow curry sauce is unique and perfect to go with the lobster


Grilled Tiger Prawn with Papaya Salad S$ 15.90++

Perfectly grilled large tiger prawn on the side with spicy, refreshing Thai papaya salad.


Steamed Black Mussel in Thai Lime Sauce S$15.90++

Refreshing steamed mussel in the unique Thai lime sauce. Perfect to go with some rice

There are other favourites on the menu, like steamed or crispy fried whole seabass with Thai sauce etc.

If you prefer some individual set for lunch, they have several sets available

Combining earthy herbs and fragrant spices imported from Thailand with fresh ingredients, each dish evokes the authentic flavours of Thai cuisine.

With the introduction of a new menu, diners can savour an extensive range of Halal dishes.


Two new drinks were introduced for the festive season. We love them

Mango Red Bull Twist $6++

Watermelon Red Bull Shake $5++

Takeaway and delivery orders are available on their website and

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