The Original Boat Noodle serves Thai Street Food Cuisine in Singapore


@boatnoodlesg The Original Boat Noodle is a Thai Street Food Cuisine in Singapore with many outlets islandwide. The Original Boat Noodle comes from a humble but tasty beginning in the rivers of Thailand. The noodles were served in small bowls of bite size portion easy for workers to eat and many bowls to fill their hunger. And now, in Singapore, they offer delicious broth, springy noodles and other delectable side dishes. At The Original Boat Noodle, you will definitely experience an authentic and lively ambience from the food down to the decor.

They bring the ambience of street of Bangkok, the décor is decked with wooden chairs and tables to evoke the Thai street food vibe.

We recently visited their Bukit Panjang branch and it was packed with diners, young and old, family or couples. This is also a halal-friendly place.

The boat noodle starts at $1.50 per bowl and there are several varieties to try.

You can order with rice noodles or springy noodles, beef or chicken broth, spicy&sour, spicy&creamy. sweet&aromatic.

We also tried the

Boat Noodle Snack Sampler $19.90

(Crispy fried chicken skin, chicken wings, fried som tam, chicken meatballs)

Mango Sticky Rice $6.90

Hot Steamy Sangkayaa $5.90

(fluffy, soft and white bread, you get to dip it into the sweet pandan dip while enjoying the fluffiness of the bread)

Crabmeat Omelette Rice $14.90

(wok hei fried with crabmeat and omelette)

For drinks go for their

Cha Yen Thai Ice blend milk tea $5.20

Cha Keow Yen Thai ICe blended green tea $5.20

Overall delicious Thai street food with pocket-friendly prices.

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