OmniFoods Announces OmniSeafood

Green Monday Group, creators of OmniFoods, announces the arrival of the OmniSeafood range, a healthier and more sustainable alternative to seafood to local shores at Green Common Singapore.

OmniFoods is now the first brand in Asia to create and launch a range of six seafood analogues. Following their successful launch in Hong Kong in June 2021, OmniSeafood will now be available in Singapore from November on a thoughtfully curated menu featuring classic fish dishes with a plant-based spin at the Green Common concept store and café at Vivo City.

In November, Chef Barry Lee introduces OmniSeafood to diners with renditions of four crowd favourite dishes on an exclusive menu, featuring their two signature products – Omni Classic Fillet and Omni Golden Fillet, which are animal-free analogues of white fish, crafted with a proprietary blend of plant-based protein from non-GMO soy, pea and rice. The Omni Classic Fillet marks the world’s first non-breaded plant-based fish fillet. The exciting new dishes at Green Common include:

Omni Golden Fillet-No-Fish (S$16) features a fishless breaded fillet served between toasted beetroot buns and topped with freshly sliced purple cabbage, creamy miso truffle and ketchup and served with a side of crispy fries.
Mexican food lovers will enjoy the Omni Golden Fishless Taco (S$17) – a soft taco with fresh avocado, tomato and corn salsa, with a dressing of garlic aioli and lime.
Omni Classic Miso Glazed Fishless Fillet (S$16) comes with a healthy serving of haricot vert, grilled romaine, edamame mash and cucumber.
Adding a local touch to the menu is the Omni Golden Assam Fishless Fillet (S$17) with eggplant, okra, pineapple and tomatoes in a tangy tamarind gravy served with Buah Keluak fried rice.

image001 (1)

From left to right: Spicy OmniTuna and Omni Crab Cake Pizza, Omni Golden Assam Fishless Fillet, Omni Crabless Pasta, OmniTuna Gunkan Sushi, Omni Classic Miso Glazed Fishless Fillet, Omni Chilli Crabless Crab Cake, Omni Golden Fillet-No-Fish, Omni Golden Fishless Taco

Continuing the ‘Sea Change’ momentum, Green Common will be launching additional dishes featuring OmniTuna and Omni Crab Cake to their menu in December. The exciting new additions would include:

Omni Chilli Crabless Crab Cake (S$12) with sweet and spicy homemade chilli crab sauce as base accompanied by Omni Crab Cake and freshly baked Mantou buns.
A spin on popular pasta offering, Omni Crabless Pasta (S$16) is an ultimate treat featuring Omni Crabless Crab Cake, spaghetti, a delicious serving of homemade chilli crab and tomato sauce,finished with roasted pumpkin seeds and parsley.
The ones that enjoy sushi can opt to try the OmniTuna Gunkan Sushi (S$9), a fishless alternative that includes Omni Tuna that is complimented with Vegenaise – egg-free mayo, avocado, sushi rice, shichimi powder and wrapped with nori sheet, topped with corn and pomegranate for a fresh crunch.
There is also Spicy OmniTuna and Omni Crab Cake Pizza (S$16) catering to the western tastes that comes with an indulgent spread of fried crabless crab cake and spicy Tuna accompanied with tomato sauce base and garnished with a generous topping of vegan mozzarella cheese.
OmniTuna retail packs would be available for purchase at Green Common in December.

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