Edo Shokudo 江戸食堂 (No Pork No Lard) Ramen & Teppan

Edo Shokudo 江戸食堂

1st No Pork No Lard Ramen & Teppan Concept by Japan Foods Holding

Opened a few days ago at White Sands Shopping Centre, #02-04, Pasir Ris]


The first must-have will be the Okonomiyaki

Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki

Savoury Pancake Dish cooked with layers of ingredients and finished with a layer of Oknomi Sauce, Mayonnaise and Nori

Choice Available:

Beef $12.90 , Chicken $12.90 , Seafood $13.90

Next to go for will be their


Teppanyaki Rice Set

Beefsteak Set $19.90, Beef Yakiniku set $16.90

Salmon Teriyaki Set $16.90

Special Featuring: Gong Bao Chicken $10.90,

Chicken Oroshi $11.90, Chicken Teriyaki $10.90

All set comes with rice and miso soup so it is very worth it.

They are well known for their ramen,


Collagen Rich Chicken Broth Ramen with 3 soup bases – Original, Spicy and the new curry flavour

Pick your choice of soup to go with your favourite ramen topping!

Topping available:

Chicken Cha Shu, Duck, Asari, Seafood, Beef Suki, Scallop and more..

These ramen starts from $9.90 so it is very pocket friendly

We tried the original and spicy soup base and highly recommend them.

Since they specialize in Teppan, they also serve



Classic Stir Fry Noodle Dish available with choices of Beef, Chicken or Seafood Toppings!

Price starts from $10.90

Last but not least we recommend the Dessert

Handcrafted Milo Dinosaur Waffle $8.90

Quite a large serving, it is $7.90 if you have ordered any mains.

Japan Food Holding has more than 50 Restaurants in Singapore and Tokyo Shokudo is one of the sister restaurants.

White Sands Shopping Centre, #02-04, Pasir Ris
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