Fyre Mooncakes

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This Mid-Autumn Festival, Fyre Singapore unveiled a luxury collection of Sakura-and-Lychee-Themed Traditionally Baked, Teochew Flaky and Handcrafted Snowskin Mooncakes. This collection is designed and curated by award-winning Chefs and industry experts.


Traditionally Handcrafted Snowskin Mooncakes
Sakura Blossom Lychee MSW Mooncake
Made using 100% natural Sakura and Lychee extract.The taste and aroma of the natural fruits coupled with each and every premium ingredient used in the making results in a marriage of flåvours that gently blends and released the goodness of each and every ingredient use.

Sakura is the Japanese term for cherry blossom trees, which blooms with beautiful pink or white flowers each spring. FYRE Singapore’s Sakura Cherry Blossom Lychee Mooncake Series takes you on a gastronomic journey, with the floral scent of sakura and rich flavours of lychee. Enjoy a sophisticated culinary pairing that is unique and bold, crafted with the vast experience and expertise of the team.

Fresh Sakura Petals are harvested and soaked in ume Plum vinegar to preserve its colour. Aired and covered in Salt for 2 weeks, These Sakura Petals are subtly aromatic and Sweet and aromatic. Premium Lychees to match the aromatic scent from the Sakura Petals marraige of flayours and aromatics.

Teochew mooncakes originated from Chaoshan region in the east of Guangdong, where the Teochews came from. It is known for its thousand layered skin that flakes upon each bite. Traditionally, the pastry is filled with yam paste. FYRE’s Traditional Teochew style mooncakes are available in two different flavours, the traditional taro yam filling and a refreshing Sakura Cherry Blossom Lychee Lotus filling. Their pastries are hand made and baked traditionally to ensure a thousand layered flaky crust. Their Teochew mooncakes are baked and not deep fried to reduce calories!

Traditionally Baked Mooncakes

Hand Crafted and slow baked in a traditional oven under low heat to ensure a floral cherry blossom scent and the bursting of lychee flavours with very bite. Premium ingredients are carefully sourced from origins, ensuring quality. The final touch of the baking process is smoking the mooncake with Lychee Wood for the added Lychee Scent, these mooncakes are made using low sugar recipes.

Purchase at https://fyresg.com/collections/all

50 Niven Road
Singapore 228398

For Enquiries:

+65 8488 7455

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