Texas Chicken’s REAL Salted Egg Fried Chicken menu

Texas Chicken’s REAL Salted Egg Fried Chicken menu is available for a limited time period only from 29 July to 8 September at all outlets, or while stocks last.

The juicy REAL Salted Egg chicken is coated with creamy, savoury salted egg sauce and sprinkled with crunchy salted egg crumbs made from real duck eggs!
2-Piece REAL Salted Egg Chicken Set Meal, priced from $10.60, which comes with two pieces of chicken, one small mashed potato, one honey butter biscuit, and one regular Sjora Mango Peach.

5-Piece REAL Salted Egg Chicken Combo, priced from $29.90. The combo includes five pieces of chicken, a box of salted egg popcorn chicken, one large mashed potato, two honey butter biscuits, and two regular Sjora Mango Peach.

Fans of Texas Chicken can stand a chance to join a free session of the virtual escape room with four other friends on 14 August 2021, 2pm, by simply spending $10.00 in a single receipt and submitting the entry via the QR code provided. Registration starts on 29 July and ends on 6 August 2021.

Online order: sg.texaschicken.com

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