MARUGEN Sake and Oden Japanese Izakaya restaurant located in CHIJMES. #01-11





MARUGEN is a Japanese Izakaya restaurant located in CHIJMES. #01-11
It is located right next to Renga-ya on the ground floor. There are counter seats inside or you can enjoy outdoor seating with shelter.

Japanese Chef-owner Gen Horiuchi warmly welcomes us, and introduces their restaurant to us.

On the menu are two signature dishes, the
Grilled Hokkaido Beef Striploin Steak, 300g $78, 250g $68, 150g $42
Assorted Beef Tendon Oden, Full $25, Half $15

Under Cold Tapas:
Koji-marinated Salmon with Ikura $15
Mentaiko & Beef Tendon Potato Salad $10

Under Warm Tapas:
Chicken Karaage $12
Japanese Omlet with Baby Saldine sauce $12

Highly recommended is their Sake Tasting Set for $33++
You can select three kinds of Premium Sake. They curated a selection of premium sake and some are only available when in season.

One of their number 1 sake is :
Denshu Junmaidaiginjo (Aomori)
720ml $350
Really unforgettable taste, you have to try it

They are also having beer promotion if you prefer some nice cold beer in the hot weather. The 1st Sapporo beer is $10 but the more you ordered, the price is lower, by the 5th beer onwards, it is only $6 per bottle of Sappro.

Reservation: 96425356
30 Victoria Street #01-11/12 Chijmes Singapore 187996
@marugensg #sakatasting

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