Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant 陳生成山瑞补品


Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant 陳生成山瑞补品 @tansersengherbs
Authentic Herbal Broth with Healthy Benefits Since 1946

In the past, Turtle Soup was an ancient Chinese delicacy reserved only for royalty. The turtle meat and shell were consumed and believed to be beneficial for health and longevity. Its low cholesterol levels, low-fat content, and high protein make it a highly desirable dish.

Today, people enjoy turtle soup for its rich flavour and healthy benefits. It has been proven to lower blood pressure, promote detoxification of the blood, improves kidney function, and boosts virility.

These turtles are not endangered species, and are freshwater softshell turtles sourced from Tridelta Food – Singapore’s only HACCP-certified turtle provider. They are meticulously prepared following Founder’s traditional method of brewing.

The herbal mixture made up of more than 20 ingredients is a unique recipe created and experimented to perfection by the Founder.

In addition, there are other soup also highly recommended:

Gingseng Black Chicken Soup
Gingseng Black Chicken Soup is a classic herbal dish that has high nutritional value, high protein and low fat content. Each pot is carefully prepared and stewed over night with one whole ginseng, to give a fragrant and rich flavour.

Herbal Cordycep Chicken Soup
Cordyceps are introduced to the chickens’ diet, in order for them to become the healthier choice that comes with benefits like fortifying the kidney, strengthening the lungs, improving blood pressure, and boosting the brain memory.

Yam Rice
Must try specialty yam rice compliments the herbal soups. The rice and ingredients are first fried on their own before they are combined, to infuse an amazing blend of flavors into the rice.

Tan Ser Seng Herbal Soup | Famous Turtle Soupwww.tanserseng.com

• Passed down through generations, Tan Ser Seng is a staple for family gatherings and meals
• Free kids meal set for kids 7yo and below (drinks, turtle soup and rice)
• Health benefits of soup choice
• Great for family of all ages
• Long family tradition since 1946
• @TanSerSengHerbs

Address : Geylang Area : 29 Lor Bachok, Singapore 387791
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