KIMILDO Premium Korean BBQ


KIMILDO Premium Korean BBQ, located at Tanjong Pagar 100AM mall #01-08. They are from a group of famous restaurant from Korea and very well known in Gangnam, Seoul. Restaurant manager is also from Korea, and they serve top quality meat with strict quality control. Very authentic flavours.

We ordered the Kim Il Do Pork Platter which included Pork Belly + Pork Collar + Handmade Sausage etc at $61 only. They provided a pretty unique array of condiments including Kimchi (Refillable), White Kimchi, Pickled Lettuce Stem, Pickled wild Garlic Leaves, Pickled Turnip, Chilli Sauce, Wasabi, Turmeric Powder, Fish Roe, Rock Salt and Seaweed. There’s even a “Kimildo Special Sauce”, which the staff will heat them up at the BBQ plate. Service is extremely good as the staff proactively do all the cooking for us!

We also tried Kimchi Fried Rice, Steamed Egg and Cheese, Korean Cold Noodle and famous Kimchi Stew. All very authentic Korean taste. Also the BBQ meat are extremely yummy and portion is generous. They even taught us different ways to eat with the BBQ meat in a diagram. We have tried all and I must say they are really yummy and some are surprisingly tasty! They have a wide range of Korean alcohol as well as different wine available for pairing with these premium meat.

Watch the video and make a reservation at Kimildo to experience the Premium Korean BBQ

100 Tras Street #01-08 @100AM Singapore 079027, Telephone: +65-6444-8516

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