GO Noodle House 2nd outlet Tampines Hub


GO Noodle House, Founded in 2014 at Selangor, KL with More than 30 outlets across Malaysia. Secrets is in the Superior Soup (三鲜汤) which is Family recipe fish bone broth made from 40 types of fish bones. From this soup they created Homemade Spicy Soup 秘制酸辣香汤. They also serve with JiangXi Rice Noodle – Mi Xian (米线)
• Dubbed as “the Best Noodles in the World” • Made from 100% pure rice (大米)• Silky smooth texture. Each soup noodle also serve with Shao Xing Yellow Wine(花雕酒)• One shot served with every order of Superior soup (三鲜汤)• Balance and elevate the flavors• Enhance the fragrance.

The menu is quite extensive including the must try signature as follows. Trio Seafood Combo MiXian特级三鲜, Double Beef BeeHoon特级双牛拼, Ala Carte Spicy Fish Paste, Hakka Sauce Handmade Noodles
客家酱手工面, Signature Bursting Ball Mi Xian
酱爆丸米线, Trio Platter
三品细味. Don’t forget to try the special tea Red Dates Wolfberry Tea红枣枸杞茶 and Chinese Pu Er糯米香普洱茶. Watch the video and head over to the Tampines Hub #01-103 outlet for the special items. They have a Orchard branch but serve slightly different items if you are nearby.

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