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Originating from Fukuoka, Japan, Uma Uma Ramen has over 65 years of ramen-making experience behind them.

Uma Uma Ramen’s name stems from “Wu Maru”, a Ramen shop established in 1953 by the father of

Uma Uma Ramen’s current President, Masahiko Teshima. Upon taking over “Wu Maru” in 1994, Teshima-san renamed the venture “Uma Uma Ramen”; a play on the original name of the restaurant as well as a pun on the Japanese word for “tasty”.

Located at the Forum the Shopping Mall, we recently visited the Singapore Uma Uma restaurant to get a taste of their delicious dishes.

Singature Uma Uma Ramen made with Tonkotsu broth, chasiu, spring onions, black fungus, spicy miso, egg

Mentaiko Ramen, a dry style ramen, made with Chopped chasiu, spring onions, mentaiko , sesame seeds, onsen egg

Garlic Ramen made with tonkotsu broth, chasiu, garlic oil, white onion, beansprouts, fried shallots, egg

Spicy Ramen made with Spicy #miso #tonkotsu broth, chasiu, chilli oil, spring onions, black fungus, leeks and egg

Besides the must try ramen, don’t forget to try some of their famous bites like the Chicken Karaage which is extremely tender even after deep fried, it gives a special texture and very delicious. Next is the softshell crab, salmon fry and the famous One-Bite Gyoza. The gyoza is quite special here and smaller in size but the skin is thin and easy to eat. Very tasty and perfect for bites or going with Asahi Dry or Yuzu Sake.

Uma Uma is a contemporary casual ramen restaurant which serves delicious noodles, made according to an age old family recipe, with a robust and aromatic tonkotsu stock. Signature dishes like the Mazesoba (a dry-style ramen created in Singapore just for #UmaUma – it was such a hit the Japanese brought it to Japan!), Uma Uma Ramen and Chasiu Don are amongst the crowd favorite.
Uma Uma Ramen’s broth is made from pork bones. They are cooked over high heat for between 10 to 12 hours to unlock the flavors held in the bones into the broth. This method gives the soup its characteristic richness, just the way it is in Japan!

Now you could also order delivery on their website

+65-6235-0855 , 583 Orchard Road, Forum The Shopping Mall, #01-41

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