ToriYard first and only Japanese garden dining restaurant with late night yakitori

@toriyard ToriYard is Singapore’s first and only Japanese garden dining restaurant with late night yakitori. It has an extensive range of Japanese classics, succulent charcoal grilled skewers and sake to enjoy the tranquility of Bishan Park with.

We recently tried some of their signature dishes and would like to recommend them:

Shitake Wasabi Cream: #Shitake mushroom #tempura with #Wasabi cream, the special part about this, is the Shitake deep fried tempura with a layer of wasabi cream inside, so when you bite on it you get the taste of wasabi. Delicious combination.

Toriyard Special Maki: Breaded Prawn Wrap with Salmon topped with Salmon Roe. Beautifully crafted and presented. Fresh salmon slice with crispy deep fried breaded prawn. Very popular dish here.

Sake Miso Yaki: Grilled Marinated Salmon with Miso. This top quality salmon was grilled perfectly with miso, just the perfect item to go with some beer or sake.

Kara Buta Don: Spicy Kagoshima Pork Rice Bowl, large pieces of pork with delicious rice, also another popular dish here.

Buta Ojiya: Japanese Rice Soup with Pork. Ojiya is a mild and thin Japanese rice soup akin to a rice-based vegetable soup. It is made from pre-cooked rice and water seasoned with either soy sauce or miso and cooked with other ingredients such as meat, mushrooms, and vegetables. Perfect dish for the cold weather or late night dining. Very comfortable feel.

Toriyard is the place that let nature take you away as you relish and indulge in exquisite Japanese cuisine.

LOCATION: 1380 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Bishan Park 2, Singapore 569930

RESERVATIONS, +65 9296 5988,

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