The Grumpy Bear Cafe


@grumpybearsg Coupled with a warm, cozy and welcoming café setting, The Grumpy Bear is the perfect place to celebrate life’s delicious moments with family and loved ones. There is nothing complicated here, with most dishes simple yet extremely tasty and delicious. Executive Chef, Richard Low, a veteran of more than 30 years experience in Italian, Mod European, Western casual cuisines, strive to experiment with classic flavours while adding their own twist to them. At the Grumpy Bear, they are in the business of happy bellies. They believe in making people smile through good food that everyone loves.

We recently visited their Safra Jurong outlet and tried a few of their signature dishes

One of their new local flavor, the Oven Baked: Grumpy Chicken Rendang. Hearty slices of Chicken Rendang in special Rendang sauce, with hard boiled egg and herb rice.It’s a baked rice with lots of rendang chicken on top. It is slightly spicy which to us is just right so that you still get to taste the delicious chicken, the sauce and the rice. Served piping hot, that is another reason this dish is popular

Next we have the Cheesy Chicken which is Crispy cutlet topped with nacho cheese & a slice of torched cheddar. The chicken is flavourful and tender, not dry. Topped with the two types of cheese, the combination is perfect. Very delicious dish.

Red Velvet Waffle Dessert with Ice Cream. The waffle is made on the spot and top with a selection of ice cream. Over at Safra Jurong outlet they have wide selection of ice cream so definitely a popular dish to have here.

They have several outlets island wide and there is a delivery menu, more details can be found at #rendang #rendangayam #cafe #sgcafe #waffle #redvelvet #cheesychicken #coffee #safra

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