Shabestan is an award-winning middle eastern restaurant located in Singapore’s Robertson Quay. Presenting the true taste of Persia

Shabestan is an award-winning middle eastern restaurant located in Singapore’s Robertson Quay. Presenting the true taste of Persia, it has been curating refined Persian dishes in modern ways to make it more accessible to people to explore new cultures and cuisines.
Entering the luxurious dining hall of the Arabian night’s king, the ambience of a royalty dining place. Every piece of its raw and rustic Persian decor showing off its elegance. We have the pleasure to visit this place recently and tried some of their signature dishes. Highly recommended and worthy of 5 stars.
Appetiser Platter: A selection of 5 selected appetiser recommended by Chef.
Shirazi Salad: Combination of freshly chopped cucumber, tomatoes, onion, and house dressing.
Shandiz: Tender chunks of spring lamb on the bone, charcoal grilled to perfection, with grilled tomato. Served with Basmati rice.
Lamb Kubideh: Tender ground lamb and whole tomato skewered and char-grilled to perfection.
Fish Kebab: Seasonal fish marinated in special saffron sauce, skewered and charcoal-grilled.
Prawn Kebab: Fresh Tiger prawns marinated in saffron and fresh lime juice
Koresh-E-Fesenjan Ba Ordak: Caspian style braised duck in pomegranate and walnut sauce. Served with basmati rice. Extremely delicious duck in special sauce, very tender and fall off the bone.
Zereshk Polo: Wild ‘zereshk’ berries, fresh pomegranate and saffron flavoured basmati riced
Baghlava: Classic Middle-eastern pastry made of many layers of filo pastries, filled with chopped nuts, sweetened with honey and rose water.
This place completes the wholesome Persian dining experience while having an Arabian night ambience. The beauty is not just in the place but also in the hand-crafted Persian food combining the finest of premium halal lamb, beef, chicken, fish with ingredients like saffron, olive oil, pomegranates, prunes, raisins, and nuts. We love its authenticity and its dining experience, with very attentive staff providing 5 stars service.



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