Dumplings.ru formerly known as angmohdumplings.com , here you can try Russian-Ukrainian authentic cuisine!

Dumplings.ru formerly known as angmohdumplings.com , here you can try Russian-Ukrainian authentic cuisine! You will have choice of dozens of different dumplings, soups and salads you have never tried before. You can also place order for large quantity and even frozen dumplings and they will deliver island wide! Freshly made soups and salads will be a good addition to your lunch or dinner. The dumplings are authentically Russian and very much unique in Singapore, given the rarity of Russian cuisine here. Each dumpling is made from scratch using the freshest of ingredients and presents a different flavour such that your experience will be a diverse and exciting one!

Classic Dumplings: TRY THEM ALL COMBO PLATTER 12 pcs, comes with free sour cream sauce

ORIENTAL 8IGHTS 8pcs, CHICKEN+SHIMP (Great mix of meat & seafood) (white/yellow skin), comes with free sour cream sauce

UKRAINIAN BORSH SOUP 400ml (Pork, cabbage, beetroot, tomato, potato) Borsch is a sour soup common in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Borsch is most often associated with the soup’s variant of Ukrainian origin, one of the most famous dishes of Ukrainian cuisine

SALAMI SOUR SOUP “SOLYANKA” 400ml (Beef salami, chicken sausage, potato, rice, veggies, olives) Solyanka is a thick, spicy and sour Russian and Ukrainian soup that is common in Russia, Ukraine

SALAD: EGGPLANT (VEG) 250ml (Eggplant, carrot, capsicum) – Great with puffs & plain crepes

RUSSIAN POTATO SALAD/OLIVIER (VEG) 250ml (Potato, carrot, eggs, green peas, pickles, mayo)

SALTED HERRING SALAD (SHUBA) 250ml (Salted herring, potato, beetroot, carrot, eggs, spring onion) Russian layered salad

SPICY CARROT (VEG) 250ml (Carrot marinated in the mix of spices and seasoning)


Experience a piece of Russia right in the comfort of your home! You can now enjoy a full range of  authentic Russian cuisine with ISLANDWIDE delivery. Check out menu here to order: https://order.angmohdumplings.com/



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