Gram Cafe & Pancakes, Japan’s Fluffiest Pancakes

Gram Cafe & Pancakes, Japan’s Fluffiest Pancakes



Iconic #Gram #Cafe & #Pancakes from #Osaka with their famous long queues, set to puff up a #soufflé pancake storm in Singapore! Right now Gram Cafe SG Is Offering 4 Soufflé Pancakes For $16.90, Islandwide Delivery Available. These soufflé pancakes opened back in June 2019 when they launched their outlet here in #VivoCity. Gram Cafe & Pancakes is now offering a box of 4 soufflé pancakes for only $16.90, that you can get delivered islandwide for a fee of $10. The pancakes come with 4 different cream-filled flavours: #Vanilla, #Chocolate, #Japanese #Matcha and #Strawberry #Cream #Cheese.

We have tried these 4 flavours and find the ingredients of superb top quality. The cream used are soft and light. Standard is on par with those you find in Japan. And yes the pancakes are the softest and fluffiest you can find.

These fluffy gram are called “Premium-To-Go” and comes in 4 assorted flavours: Chocolate🍫, Strawberry 🍓cream-cheese, Japanese Matcha 🍵and Vanilla. Pls WhatsApp at ➡️8666 6277. Islandwide 🏝 delivery. #eatlocal #homedelivery #goodfood#freshfoodfast #orderandcollect #treatyourself
#takeaway #takeawayfood

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