Maison Blé Artisanal and Durian Treasure

Maison Blé Artisanal and Durian Treasure Father’s Day Promotion

Maison Blé Artisanal @maisonble is a team of artisanal bakers and patissiers, they sell an extensive range of readymade creations such as cakes and cookies.

Especially for the Father’s Day Special, they created a special [24k Black Gold Durian Chocolate Cake]

Who doesn’t love a generous amount of pure durian flesh in a rich, decadent chocolate cake. Using only the most premium of ingredients (250g of pure Black Gold Mao Shan Wang durian pulp and premium Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate from Valrhona), and many failed attempts only to perfect a mix of bitter and sweet taste. Indeed, when we tried it for ourselves it is not like the ordinary chocolate cake with some durian in it. The coating of dark chocolate is a bit bitter, suggesting good quality imported dark chocolate. The inner durian pulp is fresh and moist and sweet, suggesting the top-quality pulp used. On top of the cake is covered with 24K gold dust. Each round cake weighs approximately 700g. The packaging is also very well designed and gives a premium look and feel. It is therefore a great Father’s Day gift or for own consumption.

Also Introducing the Rich Mocha Roll for coffee and chocolate lovers out there, who can’t get enough of caffeine, this roll is dosed with richness to kick off your day with a sweet awakening. They also have the Dark Chocolate Roll, Matcha Roll and Seasalt Gula Melaka Coco Roll. DM or whatsapp them : 9648 0847 to pre-order now!

At the same time, for Durian lovers, the Durian Treasure is a quality brand for your consideration. Collaborating between Durian Treasure and Maison Blé Artisanal, they are offering special bundle that are great value for money. You can order from them through their IG account. Specially for dads that are durian fanatics, this bundle consists of signature MSW durians and intense dark chocolate swiss rolls from Maison Blé Artisanal, this decadent duo is sure to leave your dad satisfied this Father’s Day.

@duriantreasuresg is located at 5 Joo Chiat place and they sell their durian online or for delivery, just have to whatsapp them at 8530 9588 or DM for the latest price and promotion.



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