Eastern House of Seafood Delicacy

Eastern House of Seafood Delicacy specializes in Chinese #Seafood. We absolutely love a good #zichar There is just something about wok-fried dishes prepared at high temperatures that cooking at home simply cannot replicate. We are always on the lookout for good zichar places. Recently, we tried Eastern House of Seafood, a zichar place located at #Geylang Lorong 23. At Eastern House of Seafood Delicacy , their focus is GOOD and CHEAP! They select only the #freshest seasonal produce.

Must try items are the Salted Egg Crabs: Now on promotion 2 crabs for $40. The #saltedegg coating is one of the best in #Singapore because the texture is not easy to get right. Some places are watery, here the salted egg are coating the crab and penetrate inside the meat giving a delicious taste.

Another signature item is the #LobsterPorridge now at $45, normal price is $60. The #porridge serving is large enough for a few person. The porridge is cooked with loose rice grains swimming in rich golden soup enhanced with #lobster roe and accompanied by bright springy lobster. A dish that is comforting and yet fresh without being too rich.

Crispy #CerealPrawn Ball is another dish that is well executed because the cereal is still powdery and not lump together. The prawn is sizeable and fresh, golden, with a light coating of cereal. This is not easy to achieve.

Tea Smoked #Chicken: Fragrant, soft, chicken smoked to perfection infuse with tea leaves. Unique and rare because of the preparation work involved. Must try if you have not tasted this before.

#Dinosaur #PorkRibs: Only $20 but quite a big portion, and coated with sweet BBQ sauce cooked in Chinese style.

If you are looking for delicious dishes for the coming #Fathersday celebration, this is an excellent option. In fact it is a good option for any time of the day as they serve individual zi char dishes as well

Free delivery for above $90 pls whatsapp your order to 93390714.



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