Authentic Italian pizzas Pizza Addiction at Goldhill Plaza

Enjoy authentic Italian pizzas with Pizza Addiction at Goldhill Plaza. Combining the quality of original Italian pizzas with a new way of food trend; Pizza Addiction offers fast service, authentic taste and honest prices which make their pizzas an “addiction”. Their dough is made freshly every day and served after 24 hours of fermentation.

The original comes from Italy. The toppings come from italy and they use only the traditional ingredients of italian cuisine: Parma ham, fresh Burrata, Parmesan, Tomato and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We have tasted their signature items and recommend these:


Lovingly known as pizza Pepperoni or simply pizza salami, either way, the highlight is using one of the best tasting salami Italy, specifically, Puglia has to offer! An all-time favourite

Prosciutto e Funghi PIZZA :

The ham and mushroom on a fragrant and light pizza base. Using the finest ham this pizza packs a ton of flavour. Every slice is topped with a generous amount of ham and mushroom on top of melted cheese and perfect crust.

Marco’s Puccia Sandwich:

This sandwich is the kind that can find only in pizza addiction as the way the bread is crafted is authentic from Puglia (South Italy) where chef @marcello.mazz came from.

He only use Italian ingredients but the main highlight is the dough. He always generously topped the selected pizzas flavours. Marco noticed that many people simply eat the central part of the pizza and not eat the crust.. so for his pizzas, he would like to encourage people to eat the whole pizza and will NOT get the bloated feeling after finishing the whole pizza (including the crust!) That is the true test of a great pizza.

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