Manis En Zo : Verrukkelijke (means delightful in Dutch) Fusion Halal food. They Specialize in Bitterballen | Bundt cake | Brownies

Manis En Zo

Verrukkelijke (means delightful in Dutch) Fusion Halal food


Bitterballen (plural of bitterbal) are a Dutch meat-based snack, made by making a very thick stew thickened with roux and beef stock and generously loaded with meat, refrigerating the stew until it firms, and then rolling the thick mixture into balls which then get breaded and fried.

A Bundt cake is a cake that is baked in a Bundt pan, shaping it into a distinctive doughnut shape. The shape is inspired by a traditional European cake known as Gugelhupf, but Bundt cakes are not generally associated with any single recipe.

Manis En Zo (@manisenzo) offer unique specialty for delivery and you can enjoy these delicious items in the comfort of your home. Orders above SGD 50.00 will have free delivery. Payment  is made in advance through Paylah or Paynow. Cakes and Bitterballen come as per photo; Customizations will be charged accordingly. Order process is easy by IG or the google form on their bio. After you fill out this order request, they will contact you to go through the details and availability before the order is completed.

One of the must try here is the new “The Amezing Box”

The “All-in-One” savoury box, containing Crevette Kroketten, Cheese Soufflé, Dutch and Malay Bitterballen. You get all the four best seller in one box. The taste is unique yet familiar, European style snacks. We enjoyed it especially when its crispy on the outside with juicy moist meat on the inside.

Dutch Bitterballen:Home made Frozen Dutch Bitterballen. Tender shredded beef mixed with creamy sauce and covered with a crunchy layer of crisp!

Rendang Style Bitterballen:Home made frozen Malay Bitterballen made of rendang. Tender shredded beef mixed with home made rendang, covered with a crunchy layer of crisp!

Now the Cakes are the highlights as well, perfect go to place for all occasions, and its Halal too.


Neapolitan Bundt Cake: Home made Neapolitan Bundt Cake in Turban shape; a combination of strawberry, chocolate & vanilla flavours, mixed in a unique pattern. This is colorful and Instagram worthy, quite light and you don’t feel heavy after eating them. Best to go with some tea or coffee.

They can customized Home made Dutch Bundt Cake in Turban shape. These are made according to a recipe that has been already 4 generations in the family. Let them know what the occasion is and they will try to come with a nice proposal.

For chocolate lovers you can get the:


Marble Bundt Cake with chocolate ganache (serving suggestion with fresh fruits). Its such a beautiful cake and taste great too.  You can tell top ingredients are used in making them. Personally my favourite here.




The other Top choice is the Cheese Cake

Basque Cheese Cake: Home made 8 Inch – Plain Basque cheese cake ! Ideal for dessert or snack.

We tried their Home made 8 Inch – Premium (with fruit and decoration) Basque cheese cake. Again such beautiful creation and the cheese is smooth and light. You can finish a slice and yet don’t feel too heavy. The cheese is at perfect balance and not overwhelming. Highly recommended is the Basque Cheese Cake with Fruit and Decoration.

After tasted their signature items, we are very surprise of their superb quality and presentation. The price is reasonable too. We highly recommend this place.






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