Marusaya Group Launches Takeaway Bentos and À La Carte Menus

Marusaya Group comprising of flagship restaurant, Dashi Master Marusaya, MAI by Dashi Master Marusaya, TEN Sushi and Monte Risaia has just launched Takeaway Bentos and À La Carte items featuring the four restaurants’ special creations and you can now enjoy these delectable creations in the comfort of your home.





Dashi Master Marusaya

Specialising in traditional Dashi Shabu, Dashi Master Marusaya’s appetisers, udon, ramen and rice bowls are prepared with the group’s unique Dashi.


The delightful appetiser selection includes Blanched Spinach with Dashi Sauce (S$8), Deep-fried Hokkaido Potato (S$8), Japanese Egg Omelette (S$10), Half Dried Bonito Fish Jerky (S$10), Hokkaido Pork Shabu Salad (S$12), Deep-fried Chicken with Amazu (Japanese sweet and sour sauce -S$12), Assorted Tempura (S$16) and Dashi Oden (S$16).
Fans of noodles will love the Vegetable Tempura served hot or cold (S$15), Sukiyaki Udon served hot or cold (S$18), Dashi Beef Curry Udon (S$18), Dashi Ramen (S$18) and Tempura Udon served hot or cold (S$20).


Dashi Master Marusaya -Deep-fried Chicken Bento

Deep-fried Chicken Bento (S$18)



Dashi Master Marusaya - Makunouchi Bento

Makunouchi Bento (S$23)


Dashi Master Marusaya -Unagi Eel Rice Bowl

Unagi (Eel) Rice Bowl (S$26).
The restaurant’s extensive Bento and Rice Bowl selection includes Deep-fried Chicken Bento (S$18), Dashi Beef Curry Rice Bowl (S$18), Grilled Chicken Ball Bento (S$18), Sliced Pork with Ginger Bento (S$20), Tofu with Simmered Beef Bento (S$20), Pork Cutlet with Dashi Rice Bowl (S$20), Dashi Wagyu Croquette Bento (S$23), Salmon Teriyaki Bento (S$23), Makunouchi Bento (S$23) and Unagi (Eel) Rice Bowl (S$26).






MAI by Dashi Master Marusaya

Tantalise your palate with the exquisitely curated Special ‘9’ MAI Bento (S$18) featuring Japanese classics such as Japanese Egg Omelette, croquette, tofu, seaweed, unagi rice and more (items are available on a rotational basis).

Look forward to other signature creations including Sakura Shrimp Claypot Rice (S$25), Eel Claypot Rice (S$25) and Salmon and Ikura Claypot Rice (S$25).





TEN Sushi -Salmon and Avocado Roll

TEN Sushi

Relish the freshness of sushi prepared daily including Salmon & Avocado Roll (S$19), Seared Salmon & Avocado Roll (S$20), Spicy Tuna & Avocado Roll (S$28), Deep-fried Prawn Roll (S$18), Soft Shell Crab Roll (S$18), Eel Sushi Roll (4 pieces at S$18), Salmon Sushi (6 pieces at S$20), Japanese Egg Omelette Sushi (2 pieces at S$6), Kappa (Cucumber) Roll (S$7), Sushi Set for Kids with Deep-fried Chicken (S$10) and Handroll Sushi Set (for 4 at S$68).





Monte Risaia -Penne Arrabbiata
Monte Risaia

Revel in contemporary Italian cuisine with a Japanese twist with creations. Whet your appetite with Assorted Ham (S$12), Wagyu Beef Ham (S$14), Burrata Cheese (S$14).
For the pasta, you can select penne with various delight sauces including Arrabbiata (S$12), Bolognese (S$14), Mentaiko (S$14), Minced Italian Pork Pepperoncino (S$14) and Parmigiano, Truffle Flavour (S$16).
For the mains, you can opt for Braised “Cassoeula” Pork and Cabbage (S$18) or the Chicken “Cacciatore” Stew (S$18).


All prices listed above are nett.

The above items are available for takeaway at the following location:

Dashi Master Marusaya at 86 Robertson Quay, #01-01, Robertson Blue, Singapore 238245 To order, please call or whatsapp +65 8419 7391.



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