The Dark Gallery at The Great World Singapore

The Dark Gallery at The Great World Singapore

The Dark Gallery presents A treasury of discoveries On the canvas of chocolate.

A journey around the world Connecting with the purest origins Preserving the quality of the craft To unravel the finest cocoa.

Carefully composed chocolate Inspiring a rhapsody of desserts. A glossary of dark indulgences. An anthology of delicious secrets.

Discover the different taste profiles of the single origin chocolates with our single origin tasting platters of hot chocolate shots, dark chocolate ice cream as well as signature chocolate desserts. Taste the tang from tropical red citrus fruits within your single origin chocolate from Madagascar or let the allure of intense dark earthy single origin Venezuelan chocolate take your breath away.

Chocolates of different origins can also blend harmoniously well together, creating a unique balance of flavors that can be found in our signature blends.


The artisanal ice cream is made batch by batch after intense R&D to arrive at unparalleled texture and taste, bringing out the best of chocolate. The dessert chefs take great pride in presenting plated desserts and pastries, like they are all individual art pieces, inspiring thought and delight when served.

Chocolate originates from a fruit. There are plenty of study into the health and mental benefits that dark chocolate brings. Cacao beans contain a certain chemical, similar to the one your brain creates when you fall in love, so it keeps you in high spirits and stress-free! Dark chocolate is also packed with anti-oxidants that is great for the heart and immune system. The darker the better!



Introducing the all day high tea set for two person.


Super good value you get a mini stand with sweets and savouries for each plus a large full waffle with two ice cream for sharing. Choice of beverage included. All for $65 at the Salon by the Dark Gallery #01-117/118 . We also tried one of their signature item the French Toast also worth going for .



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