Popular CROQUANT CHOU ZAKUZAKU debuts 30th November 2019 in ION Orchard Mall


BAKE Inc., the company behind Hokkaido’s popular BAKE CHEESE TART will launch its sister brand, CROQUANT CHOU ZAKUZAKU, in ION Orchard Mall, Singapore, on the 30th of November 2019. Replacing the former BAKE CHEESE TART outlet, the CROQUANT CHOU ZAKUZAKU flagship store will offer the famous Croquant Chou, a kind of stick-type cream puff that is filled with fresh cream and completed with its unique crunchy texture. The croquant is made of almonds coated with sugar and egg white, as well as a blend of flour with its custard cream filling made from fine milk. Apart from the renowned Croquant Chou, the store will also offer Soft Serve ice cream, “ZAKUZAKU SOFT”, made purely with Hokkaido Milk and coated with croquant chunks.


“We are very honoured to be able to open a flagship store in Singapore. We have been eyeing to open the store for a long time in a trendy location, and have finally been able to do so in ION Orchard. We hope that CROQUANT CHOU ZAKUZAKU can become a brand that is loved by Singaporeans who are interested in high quality sweets and dessert items” – Mr Hajime Kikuchi (Director.)

CROQUANT CHOU ZAKUZAKU promises to carry on the Japanese brand philosophy by offering only the best quality baked sweets. Also adhering to the house’s “Built-in factory store” concept, each Croquant Chou is freshly baked in-house and then filled with cream on the spot. Prioritizing “eating at the best time and in the best condition”, customers will be able to witness the entire process and be guaranteed freshness with every Chou.

CROQUANT CHOU ZAKUZAKU will be available at ION Orchard Mall, 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-33, ION Orchard, 23880, from 30th November 2019. The shop opens daily from 10am to 10pm, and each Croquant Chou will retail for $2.80, while a set of 4 will retail for $10.50. In addition, each soft serve (cup or cone) will retail for $6.00 each, while a HIYAZAKU (crispy puff containing soft ice-cream) will retail at $3.80. Limited edition menu items unique to Singapore’s store will be available as well. More information on these items will be revealed in due course. In addition, the press event is scheduled to be held some time during the end of November (Tentative: 27th November 2019).







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