Chicken up free flow chicken wings


Founded in 2010, CHICKEN UP remains at the forefront to a contemporary approach to Korean cuisine. The brand has been labelled as Singapore’s #1 Korean Fried Chicken due to its world-class fried chicken creations; Ganjang (Soya) chicken wings, Yangnyum chicken wings, Finger wings, the original Crispy fried chicken to name a few. The secret of its popularity starts on how each chicken part is treated for 12 hours in marinating process using an original recipe then deep-fried to perfection to seal in all the spices so every Chicken Up bite means a burst of delectable flavor.

The brand has also been considered as a family-friendly restaurant with diverse choices of menu items; from small bites to stews, noodle selections to bar-chows, share-worthy desserts to unusual beverages and more. Solidifying its vision of providing a casual dining experience with excellent customer service, Chicken Up still continues to offer a different spin to the usual Korean gastronomic offering. Currently, it has 3 branches in Singapore and just recently opened 2 new outlets in Malaysia. The brand continues to introduce new product to be added in its well-crafted menu items and enriching the brand’s premise—exceptional Korean dining experience!

48 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-01 Singapore 088469

Tel: 6327 1203



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