G Bar and Grill Great Value UK oven grilled Steak and meat



Ever wondered what it’d be like to have local classics and special charcoal oven grilled meats on the same menu? Look no further! Located in Apex @ Henderson building, G bar & grill specialises in delicious meats cooked to perfection inside Bertha ovens, their menu serves up everything from beef steak hor fun to their must-try signature Australian Wagyu tomahawk.

These special charcoal grill is from Bertha, imported from the UK and voted best charcoal oven by chefs in 2017. The Bertha is a thing of wonder – inspired by the famous grills of northern Spain, it is fueled only by charcoal and its able to create intense charcoal flavored heat no other ovens can replicate. This means the food comes with that succulent, smoky flavour. Even the cheese tart dessert, cooked in the Bertha, has the taste of fire.

From the wok, try their Beef steak Hor Fun – flatiron beef stir-fried with flat rice noodles in a silky egg sauce. The smokiness of the wok-hei style of cooking combined with the tender chunks of beef make this an unlikely combination flavourful and delicious. The Tomahawk Steak is the highlight – bone in and big enough to feed eight, this mammoth dish is a must-have if you’re with a large group (pre-order required). If you’re after something lighter, the unagi bruschetta is a delightful snack to nosh on in between tipples. Speaking of tipples, G Bar & Grill offers very attractively priced beers and mocktails.

The staff here is friendly and attentive, so you can rest assured that you are well taken care of whenever you dine here. With ample parking space, this is the spot for you whenever you’re looking for a kid-friendly weekend hangout or a place to hang out with friends


201 Henderson Road
Apex @ Henderson
Singapore (159545)


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