51 SOHO REVIEW | An all-day dining and drinking venue in the CBD

51 Soho Venue 6

An all-day dining venue situated at the crossroads of the busy Telok Ayer district, 51 Soho lends itself perfectly as a space for both work and play. At 51 Soho, whether you need a quick lunch alone or to entertain a 10-person group of drinkers, space and staff are quick to respond to your needs.

51 Soho Venue 2

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the hours in between the menus of 51 Soho seamlessly meets the ever-changing culinary requirements you might have in a day.


Breakfast options are easy and delicious. The Breakfast Overnight Oats ($9.90) rich with berries and other seasonal fruits or a fresh-baked Croissant with Ham and Cheese and Scrambled Eggs ($10.90) satisfy a lighter appetite while those who believe in eating like an emperor in the mornings would be delighted with options like the Big Breakfast, ($14.90) a platter which includes sausage, hash browns, pan-fried tomatoes, sunny-side-up, and an English muffin with marmalade.
Lunch at 51 Soho is a study in how to elevate the one-bowl meals. Fulfilling the customers’ needs for speed, taste and wholesome nutrition, a vast plethora of carefully prepared options – protein and carbohydrate, toppings and add-ons – allow for creative customization of the meal according to individual constitution and needs.


Skew It!

The skewers

Charcoal grilled skewers with house marination and addictive spice dust

Beef is marinated overnight with house made marinate that is prepared with cumin, Sichuan pepper powder, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil and 醪糟 (Lao Zhao). The proteins are skewered and grilled over charcoal then sprinkled with house-made spices made with salt, cumin and Sichuan pepper powder


51 Soho’s dinner menu is a development of the motif tying the breakfast and lunch menus – the familiar is elevated with premium ingredients, thoughtful preparation, and a witty, tongue-in-cheek hat-tip to local culinary preferences.

The skewers will be of particular interest for those with a fondness for charcoal-grilled foods such as satay and sumiyaki. The resemblance ends there, however; the skewers at 51 Soho are inspired by those served in Sichuan drinking houses but elevated with premium meats and vegetables. Grilled over fiery charcoal, they are served dusted with an original spice blend that incorporates the best of the mala flavours that Singaporeans have wholeheartedly embraced.

Spice De Canard

Spice de Canard

Asian braised duck leg, marinated lentil, cherry tomato, cucumber, watermelon salad with feta cheese and mint yoghurt dressing

Asian duck leg is braised in house made 卤水 (Ru Shui) that is prepared with pickled ginger and chilli, and sour vegetables. The duck leg is removed and set aside then the braising liquid is reduced. The duck leg is then glazed with the reduced braising liquid and butter, and garnished with popped sorghum.
Lentil is boiled in salt water then marinated overnight with light soy sauce, Italian balsamico, pickled ginger and Thai chilli sauce.
Served with Greek salad made with compressed watermelon cubes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and olives with feta cheese and mint yoghurt dressing.

The mains are the salvation of the ravenous. Consider the ‘Spice de Canard’ ($30). Though the name is reminiscent of confit de canard, the dish offers a playful elevated take on Asian braised duck while incorporating other European and Asian references. A duck leg is slow-cooked in a house-made braising liquid, then glazed in the reduced braising liquid and served on a bed of lentils marinated in Italian balsamico and light soy sauce and pickled ginger and a deconstructed Greek salad. As a final touch, the duck leg – served whole – is garnished with popped sorghum.

Green & Nutty

Green and Nutty

Broccoli slaw, sorghum, spring onion pesto, roasted nuts and raisin

Broccolini, broccoli florets and romanesco are blanched in salt water and served with a dressing prepared with broccoli couscous, almonds, tarragon, oregano, chervil, lemon vinaigrette and lemon juice, and charred spring onion pesto made with the green portion of spring onions blended with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper then finished off with 藤椒油 (Teng Jiao You). Garnished with roasted nuts, raisins and sorghum.


Salmon & Pearl

Salmon and Pearl

Sour veg pearl couscous, diced cucumber, pickled cucumber, popped buckwheat

Peal couscous is cooked in house made fish stock prepared with braised and strained fried fish bones liquid, sautéed sour vegetable, pickled ginger and chilli.
Salmon is portioned and salted then pan-seared.
Served with sliced pickled cucumber and red radish then garnished with microgreens.



Spicy Pasta

Our Spicy Pasta

Hot and sour spaghetti with crab meat, tiger prawn, ebiko and tomato confit

Tiger prawns are pan-seared on high heat and tossed with blanched spaghetti in house made spicy sauce made with Sichuan 六婆 (Liu Po), 老干妈 (Lao Gan Ma) and 豆瓣酱 (Dou Ban Jiang).
Served with sautéed crab meat prepared with lemon vinaigrette, chopped parsley, shallots, coriander and tobasco, tomato confit prepared with grilled zucchini, ebiko, celery ribbons and leaf, arugula, olives then garnished with nachos bits.



The hours in between lunch, dinner and supper are filled in with the Lunch Bites and Dinner Bites available from 12 noon and 6 pm onwards – the Chicken Winglets ($10.90); Fish Finger served with the house original 51 Chilli Mayo ($11.90); and the Shaky Fries ($7.90) dusted with the addictive house blend of spices are especially recommended.


Drinkers will find their attention specially commandeered by the cocktails.
A beautiful list of classics, with a twist, is available but it’s the five 51 Soho Specials that will linger in the memory. Original recipes one and all, the Specials are nonetheless rooted in meticulous research and development. Resounding especially strongly was the history of punch drinks and shooters (or shots) – their celebratory nature; the flexibility of the basic recipes; and the stories – apocryphal or not! – that surround them. In fact, both Difford’s and Vice notes that historically, punch was the drink of choice for high society.

51 Soho_2

51 Soho

Plum wine, rose, lychee (Floral, fruity, plum finish)

House made fermented plum wine, house made barley juice, lychee juice and rose syrup are shaken with ice. 
Served with lychee and a fabric spritzed with a mixture of gin and rose – adds a floral note in which the sweet smell will linger on your fingers.

Bamboo Dream2

Bamboo Dream

Sweet fermented rice, osmanthus oolong tea, yuzu, vanilla, passionfruit (Fruity, refreshing)

江小白 (Jiang Xiao Bai) is infused with osmanthus tea then shaken with osmanthus rice wine, passionfruit purée, yuzu jam and ice cubes made with 醪糟 (Lao Zhao).


Dancing In the Moonlight (3)

Dancing in the moonlight

Bamboo wine, cucumber, snow fungus, goji berries (Spirit forward, refreshing)

竹葉青酒 (Zhu Ye Qing Jiu) is mixed with cucumber syrup, kumquat purée, lemon juice, boiled snow fungus and goji berries.


Dr Panda (2)

Dr Panda

Chinese rice wine, earl grey, banana, cream, oreo (Dessert, creamy)

江小白 (Jiang Xiao Bai) is infused with earl grey then shaken with banana, milk and cream, and garnished with oreo.

Prosperity Cup 2

Prosperity Cup

Chinese rice wine, rock melon, chocolate (Fruity, creamy)

Fermented rice wine is shaken with the house made barley juice, barley pearls, rock melon syrup, white chocolate liquor and ice.

Prosperity Cup
The 51 Soho Specials are a contemporary materialisation of cross-cultural references. Chinese rice wine, plum wine and bamboo wine form the base of the Specials. These, each with its own centuries-old heritage and character, have long since been lost to the serious drinker. The 51 Soho Specials spotlight them once more: it is a chance to drink a bit of history, as itself in a way that might not be possible for a layman to experience elsewhere and also as an original.
The refreshing character of Dancing in The Moonlight’s bamboo wine is underscored with cucumber and goji berries while the fruity and smooth quality of Prosperity Cup’s rice wine is enhanced with rock melon and white chocolate liqueur. The lightly floral-fruity character of the plum wine in the eponymous 51 Soho is intensified with lychee juice and a spritz of rose liqueur while the Bamboo Dream brings out headiness of osmanthus wine with contrasts through yuzu and passionfruit. The younger crowd with a preference for a sweeter, richer flavour profile will enjoy Dr Panda, a dessert-like concoction that augments the soft nearly creamy quality of this baijiu with banana, Oreo crumbs and cream.


Each combination was tested, re-tested and tested again to ensure everything about each 51 Soho Special is essential. Adventurous world travellers will find some elements of the drinking experience familiar; the inspiration originates from drinking houses: in particular, Chinese drinking house for their lively ambience that encourages strangers and regulars alike to join in the fun.
The sophisticated cocktails allow the non-drinkers to accompany the drinkers with confidence and offer a taste of what the alcoholic creations would be like. For those whose brains and blood don’t move without a caffeine jumpstart, the smooth coffee is made with fresh beans that are ground only upon order; and the Bulletproof Coffee offers an extra boost of clean energy with organic MCT oils. Seekers of health and energy boosts sans caffeine can also find house-made Power Drinks such as the Turmeric Elixer made of turmeric, honey and lemon; and a couple of fizzy Kombuchaoptions.


51 SOHO 51 Telok Ayer St#01-01

T: 9755 1058

E: hello@51soho.com.sg

FB: http://www.facebook.com/51soho/

IG: @51Soho





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