Fat Cow Review, the award-winning modern Japanese restaurant welcomes Spring with a new Haru Matsuri Seasonal Menu

March into Japan’s Spring Season with Fat Cow, the award-winning modern Japanese restaurant by Refinery Concepts. While Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) may require some traveling, enjoying spring flavors with the finest seasonal ingredients direct from Japan is thankfully just a reservation away. Fat Cow presents its latest Haru Matsuri menu for a limited period from 12 March to 12 May 2019.

Nagasaki Beef

Nagasaki wagyu (Photo Credits: Fat Cow)

Just as Spring marks new and exciting beginnings, the 12-course Haru Matsuri menu will be available for the first time in omakase style, at S$250++ with the option to pair the beef courses with a range of specially-curated alcohol, for an additional S$95++. Diners will get to savor the different flavors of Nagasaki wagyu, winner of the Prime Minister’s award in Japan’s National Beef Quality Competition in 2012, through a variety of culinary techniques including steaming and charcoal grilling.

Beverage Package


Steamed Beef Ribeye

Steamed Beef Ribeye (Photo Credits: Fat Cow)
Start the meal with an appetizer, Rib Carpaccio, paired with creamy sea urchin, caviar and black truffle, to bring out the thinly-sliced raw beef’s intrinsically pleasant and savory taste. It is paired with the light Roku Gin, Japan’s first gin that is made with a selection of botanicals, including Japan’s Sakura flowers and leaves.

Beef Tongue

The Sumiyaki Beef Tongue (Photo Credits: Fat Cow)
The Sumiyaki Beef Tongue follows, lightly roasted to tender perfection with a dash of refreshing sudachi lime, complemented by the Chita whisky, a light whisky with subtle notes of mint, honey and wood spice. Try the Steamed Ribeye, featuring an uncommon way to prepare steaks which retains the meat’s juiciness while highlighting the original beef flavour. The premium Striploin Sukiyaki with sliced black truffle is a pot of bold flavours, as the Taka Junmai Daiginyo Gold Label sake prepares diners for the next course.

Shirauo tempura

Icefish Tempura (Photo Credits: Fat Cow)
As the Icefish Tempura, a Japanese spring delicacy brings a satisfying crunch to the meal, enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth Sumiyaki Striploin, charcoal-seared with Head Chef Shigeru’s special Yakiniku sauce. The dish is paired with the Tengumai Yamahai Junmai, a popular sake in Japan.
The Marinated Japanese Cucumber that follows, cleanses the palette readying diners for the Sumiyaki Chateaubriand, grilled to perfection. The dish is paired with the Taka Yamadabo sake that enhances the meat’s taste.
Let the soft Sumiyaki Chuck Flap dance in your mouth with each bite, paired with the award-winning Yamazaki 12-year-old Whisky with rich, sweet fruit notes. End the night with a sweet and refreshing palette cleanser – the Seasonal Fruits with Yuzu Sherbet paired with the Yamazaki Casked Umeshu. The sweet and crisp plum liqueur, aged in toasted antique casks, creates a distinctive lingering flavor with well-rounded notes to conclude the memorable beef experience.
To make a reservation to dine at Fat Cow, please visit http://www.chope.co/singaporerestaurants/restaurant/fat-cow-singapore or call +65 6735 0308.

For more information on Fat Cow, please visit http://www.fat-cow.com.sg, or stay tuned for updates on https://www.facebook.com/fatcowsg/.

Fat Cow

1 Orchard Blvd #01-01/02 Camden Medical Centre Singapore 248649

W: http://www.fat-cow.com.sg

T: +65 6735 0308

FB: http://www.facebook.com/fatcowsg

IG: @fatcowsg




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