RESTAURANT JAG | Michelin Starred Jérémy Gillon Curates Positively Divine Omakase Menu with Warmth and Gastronomic Savoir-Faire


RESTAURANT JAG nestled along the vibrant Duxton Road is the brainchild of owner and highly respected dining industry leader Anant Tyagi and Michelin Star Chef Jérémy Gillon. Through RESTAURANT JAG, both gentlemen are on a mission to deliver an unpretentious, warm and bespoke dining establishment, curating a culinary journey at the peak of perfection.

Chef Jérémy Gillon has an uncompromising love affair with his ingredients. He lets the 40 hand-selected herbs, spices, the vegetables, the seafood and meat dictate his menu each night. Where Omakase has gained an almost intimidating reputation with diners at the mercy of the Chef, no questions asked, Chef Jérémy takes pleasure in understanding his guests. The only condition being that diners respect his seasonal ingredients, painstakingly sourced.

At JAG, Chef Jérémy’s loves contrasting textures, playing with the aromatic potential of each ingredient. Stimulating all five senses is important to Chef and he manipulates each ingredient in his uniquely innovative fashion to extract the most unimaginable flavours and fragrances.

Intriguing his diners with different textures – smooth, luscious, silky to crunchy and temperatures – playing with the heat and the cold. It is imperative to the Chef that his highly complicated techniques go unseen. “I want to give the impression of simplicity. Fresh produce has shown at its best and an assembly of tastes and textures.”



At lunch, the kitchen offers either three or five Expressions of the Chef’s Tasting Menu. Lunch guests are presented with an intimate à la carte menu with mains starting at just $42++.

Dinner, where guests are encouraged to share the time they have, can select from three choices – five, seven or ten Expressions – each a strong Tasting Menu, curated specifically for the diner. Each menu reflects the best of the seasonal ingredients, carefully-selected herbs indigenous to Savoie and protein of the day.


Paying homage to the myriad of natural flavours, textures and smells extracted from seasonal vegetables, RESTAURANT JAG is highly inspired by their vegetarian and vegan diners. Rather than an after-thought or serving a plate of sides, Chef Gillon takes pride in serving up edible works of art from his veg of the day. Vegetarian and vegan diners are treated to the pinnacle of fine dining as each course is presented with the upmost respect.


Lunch Three Expressions $58++ Five Expressions $108++
Dinner Five Expressions $108++ Wine Pairing Add $88++ Seven Expressions $168++ Wine Pairing Add $118++ Ten Expressions $218++ Wine Pairing Add $168++


Location and Reservation Details:

76 Duxton Road, Singapore 089 535 Reservations and inquiries can be made at +65 3138 8477
RESTAURANT JAG welcomes children 10 years old and above only Dress Code: Smart Casual (shorts and flip flops are not recommended)
Lunch: Tuesday – Friday 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm The Lounge Bar: Tuesday – Saturday 6:00 pm -11:30 pm
Closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays except for those that fall on Fridays and Saturdays, the following Monday will be closed.

Website : Facebook : Instagram :





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