Golden Ocean Korean Restaurant serves Authentic Korean Seafood and BBQ


Golden Ocean Korean Restaurant is a one-of-a-kind Korean dining experience in Singapore, and its popularity speaks to the quality of its food and atmosphere. The restaurant offers an extensive menu, but its standout dish is the Assorted Sashimi ($150 for 2 pax), part of the Signature Sashimi Set.

Upon arrival, guests are served a delicious seaweed soup, which has a subtle flavor and is seasoned with natural seaweed. The soup sets the stage for the main event, the Assorted Sashimi platter, which features a variety of fresh seafood. The platter includes mussels and clams, both of which are cooked simply to allow the natural sweetness of the seafood to shine through, with a touch of spice from the cut chilli.

The sashimi platter also includes abalone, sea cucumber, sea squirt, octopus, and prawns, all of which are incredibly fresh and of the highest quality. The abalone is crisp and crunchy, the prawns are juicy, the sea squirt is chewy, and the sea cucumber is soft and bouncy. The seafood can be dipped in soy sauce or doenjang banga, a Korean sashimi dipping sauce, for an even more flavorful experience.

In addition to the sashimi platter, the Signature Sashimi Set also includes a variety of side dishes, such as grilled corn with cream and cheese, grilled ginkgo and garlic, and grilled saba fish. The saba fish, in particular, is a standout dish, with a crispy exterior and juicy, flaky flesh.

The star of the meal, however, is the assorted fish sashimi platter, which includes salmon sashimi, rock fish sashimi, and flat fish sashimi. The flat fish sashimi has a meaty, chewy texture with a subtle sweetness that pairs perfectly with lemon and soy sauce. The rock fish sashimi is smoother and sweeter, with a softer texture. Both the flat fish and rock fish sashimi are served at room temperature, showcasing their freshness.

For those looking for a change from the raw fish dishes, the restaurant offers a Korean Cold Noodle with soup that is tangy and spicy, providing a refreshing taste and a break from the raw fish. The cooked dishes, including meatballs and bacon, as well as the sushi, egg roll, and tempura prawn, all provide a welcome change of pace and are delicious in their own right. The Fish Tempura side dish is also a favorite among diners.

The meal ends on a high note with the fish stew, a light, peppery soup made with the parts of the fish that can’t be used for sashimi, cooked with radish, bean sprouts, watercress, and a touch of red pepper powder. The combination of fresh fish, radish, and bean sprouts is both healthy and delicious, providing a perfect ending to the meal.

For those looking for a true Korean BBQ experience, Golden Ocean Korean Restaurant offers a Signature BBQ Set A for $90, which includes high-quality marinated LA beef ribs, boneless beef ribs, and beef loin. The meat is cooked and grilled for you by a staff member at another table, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

They also serve a hard to find dish in Singapore, they have to air-flown from Korea by Air.

Ganjang-gejang, Soy Sauce Marinated Crab (2pcs) $60

The atmosphere at Golden Ocean Korean Restaurant is authentic and traditional, with a family-style feel and a few fish tanks in the dining area, showcasing the fresh seafood on offer. The friendly and attentive service only adds to the overall experience, making Golden Ocean Korean Restaurant a must-visit for anyone looking for a true taste of Korea

There’s a reason Singapore locals flock to Golden Ocean. Residing on Mountbatten Rd Katong Shopping Centre in Marine Parade, this is the place to go and feast on excellent Asian dishes. Outdoor seating completes the offering at Golden Ocean.

Check out the menu at Golden Ocean Korean Seafood & BBQ and explore the popular dishes people are craving!
You can even check out the prices so you know what to expect, besides the flavours.
Browse the menu highlights from Golden Ocean Korean Seafood & BBQ

시그니쳐 회 세트 Signature Sashimi Set

Assorted Mixed Sashimi 모듬회 $150.00
해산물과 각종 스끼다시 & 매운탕 포함 Includes assorted seafood,…

광어회 Flat Fish Sashimi $130.00
해산물과 각종 스끼다시 & 매운탕 포함 Includes assorted seafood,…

도다리 세꼬시 Dodari Sashimi $150.00
도다리 세꼬시 세트 (2인) Dodari Sashimi (2 person)*

참돔 한마리 세트 Black Sea Bream Sashimi $150.00
우릭회 한마리 세트 (2 인) Rock Fish Sashimi Set…

우럭회 한마리 세트 Rock Fish Sashimi $150.00
우릭회 한마리 세트 (2 인) Rock Fish Sashimi Set…

해산물 Seafood
전복 – Live Abalone $60.00
전복 – 회 / 구이 선택 Live Abalone -…

멍개 Live Sea Squirt $65.00

산낙지 Sannajki (Live Octopus) $55.00
Sannjaki – Live Octopus is a Korean raw dish

포항대왕문어 Boiled Octopus $60.00

회무침 Raw Sashimi Fish Salad $80.00
회 무침 – Hweh Moochim is made with fresh…

모듬 물회 Cold Raw Fish Sashimi & Seafood Soup $100.00

해산물 스페셜 Seafood Special $150.00
해산물 스페셜 – 멍게, 전복, 해삼, 개불, 문어, 산낙지,…

해삼 Live Sea Cucumber $60.00
해삼 Live Sea Cucumber

개불 Spoon Worm $50.00
개불 – Gaebul (Live Spoon Worms)

단품 메뉴 Cooked Seafood & Meats
족발 – Jokbal $45.00
족발 (Jokbal) – Braised Pig’s Trotters cooked with soy…

보쌈 Bossam $45.00
보쌈 – Bossam Korean pork belly boiled in spices…

제육볶음 – Stir-fried Pork $40.00
제육볶음 (Jeyuk Bokkeum) – Spicy Korean marinated pork

낙지볶음 – Stir-fried Octopus $45.00
낙지볶음 (Nakji-bokkeum) – Stir-fried Octopus

해물찜 – Spicy Braised Assorted Seafood $68.00
해물찜 Haemul-jjim (Spicy Braised Assorted Seafood)

전골 메뉴 Stew
광어매운탕 – Spicy Flat Fish Stew $40.00
광어매운탕 – Flat fish Maeuntang

알탕 – Spicy Fish Egg Roe Stew $50.00
알탕 (Al Tang) – Spicy Fish Egg Stew

어묵탕 Fish Cake Soup (Odeng Tang) $40.00
어묵탕 (Eomuk-Tang or Odeng Tng)- Korean Fish Cake Stew

해물짬뽕탕 – Spicy Seafood Soup $45.00
해물짬뽕탕 (Haemul Jjambong-tang) – Spicy Seafood Soup

부대찌개 (Budae Jjigae) – Korean Army Stew $45.00

불낙전골 – Bulgogi & Octopus Stew $40.00
불낙전골 – Korean “Bul-Nak” Bulgogi & Octopus Stew

꽁치김치전골 – Mackerel Pike and Kimchi Stew $40.00
꽁치김치전골 – Kkongchi Kimchi Stew

돼지고기 김치전골 Pork Kimchi Stew $40.00

참치 김치전골 Tuna and Kimchi Stew $40.00

바베큐 메뉴 Barbeque Meat
갈비살 Boneless Beef Ribs $30.00

우삼겹 Grilled Beef Lion $30.00

양념 LA 갈비 LA Beef Ribs $30.00
양념 LA 갈비 – Korean barbecued beef short ribs

생삼겹살 Pork Belly $20.00

생목살 Pork Shoulder $20.00

양념 돼지갈비 – Marinated Pork Galbi $20.00

대패 삼셥살 Thin-sliced pork belly $30.00

간장 닭불고기 Soy Chicken Bulgogi $25.00

고추장 닭불고기 Red Chili Chicken Bulgogi $25.00

탕 메뉴 Soup
삼계탕 Ginseng Chicken Soup $20.00
삼계탕 Samgye-tang – Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

갈비탕 Galbitang (Beef Rib Soup) $20.00
갈비탕 Galbitang (Korean Beef Rib Soup)

김치찌개 Kimchi Soup $15.00

된장찌개 Soybean Paste Soup $15.00
된장찌개 (Doenjang-jjigae) Soybean Paste Soup

순두부 찌개 Soondubu Soup (Soft Beancurd Soup)$16.50
순두부 찌개 Soondubu Jjigae (Soft Beancurd Soup)

육계장 Spicy Beef Soup$15.00
육계장 (Yukgaejang) Spicy Beef Soup

사골우거지탕 Cabbage Beef Bone Soup$16.50
사골우거지탕 Cabbage Beef Bone Soup

식사 – 밥류 Rice Dishes
회덥밥 Flat Fish Sashimi Bibimbap $30.00
회덥밥 – “Hweh Dup Bap” – Flat Fish Sashimi…

식사 물회 Raw Fish Cold Soup with Rice $25.00
식사 물회 Raw Fish Cold Soup with Rice

장어덮밥 Unagi with Rice $22.00
장어덮밥 Unagi with Rice

돌솥비빔밥 Hot Stone-pot Bibimbap $16.50
돌솥비빔밥 Hot Stone-pot Bibimbap

알밥 Fish Roe Rice $22.00
알밥 Al-bab – Fish Roe Stone-pot Rice

소불고기 덥밥 Beef Bulgogi with Rice $17.00

해물볶음밥 Seafood Fried Rice $16.50

김치볶음밥 Kimchi Fried Rice (Pork) $16.50

돈까스 Pork Cutlet $18.00

공기밥 Rice$2.20

식사 – 면류 Noodle Dishes
잡채 Japchae (Fried Glass Noodle) $25.00

짬뽕 Jjamppong $25.00
짬뽕 Jjamppong – Spicy Seafood Soup Noodles

나가사끼 굴 짬뽕 Oyster Jjamppong $22.00
Oyster Jjampong – A different version of the regular…

짜장면 Jjajangmyeon (Black Bean Noodles) $16.50

물냉면 Naengmyeon (Cold Noodle Soup) $16.50
물냉면 Naengmyeon – Cold Buckwheat Noodles (Soup)

비빔냉면 Bibim Naengmyeon (Cold Noodle Dry) $16.50
비빔냉면 Bibim Naengmyeon – Cold Buckwheat Noodles (Dry) *Spicy

라면 Ramyeon $15.00
Korean Ramyeon – Choose between Cheese/Dumpling/Kimchi/Seafood

Extra Ramyeon 라면사리 추가 $5.00
Additional portion of Ramyeon

전 Pancakes
해물부추전 Seafood and Leek Pancake $22.00

해물파전 Seafood and Green Onion Pancake $22.00

김치전 Kimchi Pancake $20.00

식사 – 기타류 Sides
즉석 떡볶이 Tteok-bokki (Spicy Rice Cake) $25.00

계란말이 Gyeran-mari (Rolled Omelette) $18.00

김말이 튀김 Gimmari (Fried Seaweed Roll)$15.00
김말이 튀김 Gimmari (Fried Seaweed Roll) – Deep-fried Seaweed…

군만두 Fried Dumplings $15.00
군만두 Fried Korean Dumplings

닭튀김 Fried Chicken $15.00

계란찜 Steamed Egg with Vegetables $15.00

주류 – Alcoholic Beverages
Baekwha Soobok (Korean Sake) $88.00

Beer – Hite 하이트 맥주 $15.40

Beer – Kloud 클라우드 맥주 $15.40

Bokbunja 복분자 $28.00
Korean fruit wine

Hwayo 25 $60.00

Hwayo 40 $80.00

Makgeolli $25.00

Makgeolli (Banana) $25.00

Makgeolli (Chestnut) $25.00

Soju $18.00

Soju (Grapefruit) $18.00

Soju (Peach) $18.00

Soju (Pomegranate) $18.00

Soju (White Grape) $18.00

Golden Ocean Korean Restaurant
865 Mountbatten Rd, #01-41/43 Katong Shopping Centre, Singapore 437844

Phone: 6282 7592
WhatsApp/Kakao: 9008 2049

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