Celebrate CNY with Takagi Ramen Lunar New Year Home Delivery Kit


Takagi Ramen is a growing FnB brand founded in 2015, and currently with 8 outlets. The company was started by Takagi-san, with a vision to bring Singaporeans authentic, quality ramen at affordable prices. Takagi-san wanted to bring ramen back to its roots. The company prides itself on making every bowl of ramen with affection and precision. Their slogan is “Ramen for the Average Singaporean” which serves as a constant reminder and helps the company stay true to its mission of keeping prices affordable so that it can serve the working middle class who really moves the world. They are committed to finding creative solutions that don’t burn a hole in their customer’s pockets and have served over 3 million bowls of ramen since their incorporation in 2015.

I recently had the pleasure of trying Takagi Ramen’s menu and I was blown away by the variety and quality of their ramen options. The Handmade Hakata-style firm ramen noodles in their original Japanese Tonkotsu (pork bone) broth enhanced with a light shio seasoning infused with the subtle aroma of kombu and bonito was a standout. The broth was rich and flavorful, and the chashu pork slices were tender and delicious. The toppings of thinly sliced green scallions and blanched silver sprouts added a nice crunch and freshness to the dish.

The Miso Ramen was also delicious, with a generous amount of umami-packed roasted Hokkaido red miso in the tonkotsu soup base. The sweet corn topping paired perfectly with the firm, hand-made noodles, slow-braised chashu pork slices, thinly sliced green scallions and blanched silver sprouts to bring out a rich and tasty medley of fermented soybean flavors.

The Karaka-men was a great option for those who like a little spice in their ramen. The special blend of red chillies added a fiery spice to the creamy tonkotsu soup without distracting from the subtle pork flavors or aroma of kombu and bonito. The roasted nori topping paired well with the soup, bringing out a sweet sea aroma.

The Black Tonkotsu was also a standout, with the slow-roasted black garlic tonkotsu ramen having an intense aroma that complemented the generous toppings. It was perfect for those who enjoy strong flavors. The chashu-men, Mazemen, Butashoga Ramen, Jiajiamen and Tantanmen were also delicious and had unique flavors, the chashu-men had tender, slow-braised chashu pork slices, marinated in a sweet, mirin soy sauce marinade, the Mazemen was dry Hakata-style firm ramen noodles served with a generous portion of sweet corn, roasted nori, thinly sliced green scallions and topped with a generous portion of hand-pulled pork sautéed with sweet soy sauce and fragrant ginger.

Overall, I highly recommend Takagi Ramen for their delicious and authentic Japanese ramen options. The variety of flavors and toppings, along with the quality of the ingredients and the care put into each dish, make it a must-try for any ramen lover.

This CNY, you can try their Crispy Golden Duck Drumstick CNY Family Bucket with Shoyu Ramen (For 6-8 pax)
Impress your loved ones this Lunar New Year with Home Delivery Kit that comes with Danggui Duck Leg 3pcs, 6 Shoyu Ramen of choice, Edamame and Deep-Fried Gyoza 10 pcs $108.00


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