Sushi Raku Japanese Restaurant


Sushi Raku started in 2019 they have 4 outlets in Hong Kong, and they are members of Taste of Japan Group which bring in Itacho Sushi to Singapore in 2009.
The first Singapore outlet of Sushi Raku is located at Raffles City Mall.

The specialities of Sushi Raku are sushi & sashimi sets, and using prime ingredients and offering affordable prices
You can enjoy a good dining experience with selected charcoal-grilled eats & sake, an Izakaya experience out of Japan.

They use RED VINEGAR (AKAZU). Their sushi rice is seasoned with high-quality red vinegar (Akazu), which needs a long-brewing process and it tastes rich and smooth with a bit of natural sweetness.
The handmade sushi using warm red vinegar sushi rice elevates the freshness of the fish to the next level.

Some of the dishes we have tried are

Selected Sushi set (10 pcs) $14.80
Grilled Eel with Foie Gras Mini Rice Bowl $17.80
Inaniwa Udon in Soup with Tempura $13.80
Kawa Bento $32.80
Charcoal Grilled Chicken with Cucumber $9.80

Prices are affordable, and the service is good. It can get a bit crowded during meal time.
Overall an enjoyable experience.

Raffles City #B1-63/64
252 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179103

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