Beef Bro Opens at Hillion Mall


Beef Bro specializes in Blow torched Beef Cubes. They have added a twist in creating a variety of unique bites and mains to complement the Beef Cubes, allowing customers to enjoy a modern Asian-Western Fusion meal at their convenience. They are the first in Singapore to offer blow-torched Mentaiko Beef Cubes – hot, juicy, tender beef cubes alongside other savory bites. At the same time, their Nasi Lemak and Ramly Burger are also well known.

Their New Outlet at Hillion Mall opened on 1st April and we visited to try some of their popular dishes.

1. Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wings (The deep-fried chicken wings are very crispy and addictive and the chilli sauce really enhances the whole dish)

2. Wagyu Steak Aglio Olio (juicy and tender steak goes well with the pasta)

3. Beef Balls with Brown Sauce and Mash Potatoes (Delicious beef meatballs you can eat non stop)

4. Ramly Ayam Burger (juicy and addictive burgers with secret sauce)

5. Shortribs Joy Platter for 2 (consist of 4 flavours, Salt & Pepper, Mentaiko, Mala, Garlic Butter)
(Highly recommended as you get to try all the flavours, my personal favourite are Mentaiko and Mala which is really spicy)

6. Caramel Poporn Banana Spilt Ice Cream Dessert

7. Coke Floats

Hillion Mall #01-27 (On top of Mac Donalds)
They are also introducing a new brand by Beef Bro, called Juice Up, fruit juice and smoothie bar.

Opening Promotion:
– FREE Mentaiko Beef Cubes for first 200 customers (1st April)
– 1 For 1 Mains (2nd April)
– 1 For 1 Juices & Smoothies (3rd April)

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