Santi’s Chinese New Year specials Bakkwa Pizza


Santi’s limited edition Chinese New Year specials, housemade sourdough Bakkwa Pizza, newly launched Sauce Starter Pack and more!

The Chinese New Year goodies are perfect for 2 to 3 persons including:

1. Santi’s Sauce Starter Pack – Jalapeño hot sauce, Mild tomato sauce, Chilli crunch

2. Bak Kwa Pizza

3. Beer Marinated Chicken Drumsticks

4. Norcina Sausage Lasagna

Chinese New Year is around the corner and Santi’s pulls out all the stops with a Bakkwa pizza, a collaborative cocktail with Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall and their line-up of pantry staples that will elevate your reunion dinners! Homemade applewood-smoked bak kwa that’s fresh and preservative-free, San Marzano tomatoes, smoked scamorza, sautéed leeks, fresh lychee, spicy oil.

Good things come in pairs, and this festive celebration calls for a seasonal collaborative cocktail. Presenting Nosy Aunt by Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall, one of Asia’s 50 Best bars. This Cocktail is made with Oolong infused Calvados, clarified peach purée, fresh sage cordial, and garnished with sage leaves. A perfect thirst quencher for a CNY meal at Santi’s. Trust us, this combination 100% works.

Sauce Starter Pack: Santi’s is all about the spice this season with their newly launched Sauce Starter Pack featuring crowd favourites: Chilli Crunch, Jalapeño Hot Sauce, and Mild Tomato Sauce. Options are endless with these sauces – a perfect addition to any Chinese New Year dish in your household.

The Beer Marinated Chicken Drumsticks is huge, soft and tender on every bite.

The Norcina Sausage Lasagna comes with the sauce separated packed and ready to pour over it. You can taste it is freshly prepared.

You can order these on Santi’s online shop. Seasonals available from 17 Jan – 13 Feb – book a table now or order our pizza online.

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