Nana’s Green Tea Japanese cuisine centered around matcha and green tea items


Nana’s Green Tea @nanasgreenteasingapore is A modern take on the wondrous food culture of Japan. They offer customers reinterpretations of Japanese cuisine centered around matcha and green tea items.

Some will say its like the Starbuck of Japan but I think Nana’s Green Tea is better as their products are made with only the finest ingredients from throughout Japan.

Although Nana’s Green Tea is known to be a café, it also sells several main courses such as dons, rice plate, curry rice, udons and salads.

On our recent visit to their second outlet, we tried a few of their popular items

1.Chicken Nanban, crispy fried chicken cutlet in a sweet savory sauce with rice, vegetables and potato salad.

2.Locomoco Hamburg, mixture of ground beef and pork patty served with homemade tomato sauce, soft boiled egg and greens

3.Sukiyaki Beef Udon, sliced beef and soft boiled egg, vegetables served over udon noodles in soup.

For drinks:

1.Match Kuromistsu Latte, whipped cream and brown sugar syrup

2.Hojicha Chocolate Latte, whipped cream and chocolate sauce

For Dessert (Must Have)

1.Match Nama Chocolate Parfait, matcha pudding, ice cream, sweet red bean paste and nama chocolate

2.Hojicha Nama Chocolate Parfait, roasted green tea jelly, ice cream , bean paste, and nama chocolate

Available now Dinner Set Menu @ Duo Galleria Shop, $42.70 net price for 2 pax, include 2 main courses + 2 drinks + 1 dessert (Mon to Thurs 18:00 – 21:00)

There is one for 3 pax too you can find out the details in the shop.

The outlet at the DUO Gallery is spacious and has an outdoor place which is very relaxing. I was told each outlet is different in design so I think visiting their place for a meal or drinks/dessert is a very enjoyable experience. The prices of their hot meal are quite affordable and the taste is authentic. Will be looking forward to visiting their Japan outlet soon when travel is allowed again.

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