Kiyoshi at 75 Amoy Street offer 100% handmade Soba and other delicious dishes


100% hand-made soba by head chef Donald Chien who had 10-year soba experience!
At Kiyoshi @kiyoshi.75 they insist of making their homemade soba noodle fresh daily. Started from milling the buckwheat to powder, kneading the soba dough to cutting the precise thickness of noodle manually. They are the one of a few Japanese restaurants in SG who makes their own fresh soba.
They grind the seed into soba powder and make their own soba in house!
Soba is rich in protein, fibre, mineral (iron, zinc, phosphorus & magnesium), rich in(Vitamin B1, B2, E), fat-free, cholesterol free
It boost the immune system and metabolism, decreases heart disease & stroke risk, lower cholesterol & blood pressure

It is serve hot or cold! More than 10 selections.

Best Seller Uni Ikura soba, cold and luxury! bafun uni from hokkaido, with a full spoon of salmon roe!
Beef gomadare soba, cooked sliced beef top mix with house made sesame sauce.
Maguro Natto Soba, tuna cut in cube, pair with sticky natto.
Unagi Tororo Soba, grilled sea eel with grated japanese yam
Nameko Mushroom ankake soba, thick and starchy dashi sauce with full of mixed mushroom.
Sakura Ebi Kakiage Soba, Sakura shrimp deep fried together with shredded vegetable, always the best choice with soupy soba.
Ume Tempura Soba, Warm soba served with japanese plum & tempura on the side.
Sansai Soba, Warm soba served with wild mountain vegetable!

At 75 Amoy Street, +65 6223 0995
island wide delivery

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