Jaxs Bistro at The Masons Table, 23A Coleman Street,Singapore 179806

For over a decade the Jaxs team has brought people together in their restaurants. Now, they are bringing their absolute all-time favourite comfort food dishes to your dining table. They are serving up their all-time bestsellers, including signature thin-crust pizzas, juicy homemade meat pies, burgers and more. We recently tried some of their signature items including:
Double Wagyu Cheeseburger: Double patties Wagyu cheeseburger, lettuce, tomatoes, Jaxs burger sauce, homemade buns. The burger is huge in size with two thick wagyu beef patties. The result is a delicious juicy burger that is so satisfying.

Fish & Chips: Crispy Fried Fish and French Fries. This classic dish comes with crispy battered fish and thick fries, complete with tartar sauce.
Moroccan lamb tagine served with spiced rice. Tagine is also the name for a Maghrebi, or North African, dish cooked in the tagine pot. Tagine is closely associated with Moroccan cuisine, where slow-cooked savory stews made with meat, cooked with vegetables, aromatic spices, dried fruit, and nuts. The lamb is soft and tender and the sauce goes perfectly with the spiced rice.
Chunky Beef Pie, Classic homemade beef pie with thick beef cube inside. So juicy when you bite on it. This is a must try because there are not many places that serve good beef pie.
Thin-crust Pizzas, “The Mountain”, BBQ sauce, mozzarella, chicken, pepperoni, bacon, jalapeño, onion. It’s a bit like Meat-eater pizza which has lots of meat ingredients and we simply love it. So tasty.

Apple Pie, cinnamon, icing sugar, highly recommended for dessert here, similar success as in their beef pie, crispy on the outside and yummy on the insider.
Their menu is conveniently available all week long, direct from their website or from Foodpanda. If you order more than $100 direct from them, free delivery. On http://www.jaxsbistro.com , use the promo code JAXSISBACK, you get a 10% discount on your next order.
Jaxs Bistro at The Masons Table, 23A Coleman Street,Singapore 179806 #pizza #beefpie #wagyucheeseburger #fishandchipshop #morrocanlambtagine #sgdelivery


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