LaoRen dumpling

LaoRen dumpling @laoren_dumpling

Introducing to you 老任#肉粽 whose origins are from Shanghai. Uniquely tasty, 1st appearance in #Singapore. $5 #delivery #islandwide.

We recently get our hands on these delicious dumplings and they are great for gifts or for own family.

Order is easy , go to their IG bio and click on the google form to place order. Hurry, while stock lasts.

Orders to be 1 day advance

Bundle A

6 Original Favor ($24.90)

6 Mala Favor ($27.90)

3 Original / 3 #Mala ($26.40)

Bundle B

12 Original Favor ($45.90)

12 Mala Favor ($48.90)

6 Original / 6 Mala ($46.40)

Bundle C – Basket Packaging
Bundle C (Limited Edition : Delivery 15 to 25th June)

18 Original Favor ($65.90)

18 Mala Favor ($69.90)

9 Original / 9 Mala ($67.90)

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