Tamago-EN Restaurant expanding to more outlets in Singapore, try it 😍

Tamago-EN only uses the freshest eggs imported from Okinawa. Delight in the golden orange yolk unique to Japanese eggs and revel in the fuwa fuwa (fluffy) texture of the egg dishes in a truly eggstravanza menu that comprises of Ultimate TKG, All-day Breakfast, Salads, Sandwiches, Donburis, Omu Rice and Desserts!
One of the signature is the Ultimate Egg Rice, also known as The Ultimate TKG. TKG stands for Tamago Kake Gohan. It is traditionally eaten by mixing a raw egg with white rice for a nutritious Japanese breakfast. Another must-try is the cloud-like Souffle Pancake with your favourite fruity toppings. We tried some of the signature dishes at Nex mall and we love it 😍 and recommends it #foodphotography #finedining #gastronomy #foodporn #instafood #yummyfood #foodie #sgfood #sgrestaurant #sgcafe #sgfoodie #sgblogger #sgfoodblogger #sginfluencer #sgfoodguide #wheretoeatsingapore #foodblogger #sgfoodlifestyle #japanesefood #egg @tamagoen_sg



たまご園では、沖縄県直送の新鮮たまごのみを使用。日本産ならではのきれいな黄金色をした黄身やふわふわ食感のたまご料理など、見て食べて、五感でたまごをお楽しみ下さい! 最高の食品安全基準をクリアした紫外線殺菌を施した新鮮なたまごですので、生でも安心してお召し上がりいただけます。


Ultimate Egg Rice

TKG stands for Tamago Kake Gohan. It is traditionally eaten by mixing a raw egg (only the freshest will do) with white rice for a nutritious breakfast. The trendy way to eat this is to whip the egg white into a fluffy cloud-like texture and add your favourite toppings for the ultimate TKG!


23 Serangoon Central,
#02-K5/K6 NEX,
Singapore 556083




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