2019 Hotel Indigo® Singapore Katong Christmas and New Year Menu | A Mod-Sin-Fully Festive Feasting at Baba Chews

To celebrate Christmas with a twist, Baba Chews is offering Mod-Sin dishes for festive takeaways and dine-in. The culinary team at Baba Chews has been creating Christmas delights with a local twist since 2016 and this year is no exception. The team believes that “a festive Mod-Sin menu will tantalise and excite taste buds while introducing local & traditional flavours to more people.”


Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong - Festive 2019 - Group shot - Baba Chews

Festive Takeaways (1 – 25 December 2019)

The Hakka Salt Baked Chicken with Stuffing (S$52, inclusive of 7% GST, 1.5kg) is inspired by a Salt-Baked Chicken stall that originally started in 1962 at Mohamed Sultan Road. Their business last operated along East Coast Road in 1997 and closed its door permanently in 2017. This Mod-Sin version created for Christmas marries the flavours of the Hakka salt-baked chicken with stuffing in the poultry put together in a common western cuisine ensemble. The flavours are delicate with the chicken brined and salted to the right amount of intensity with the fragrance of Chinese wine. The stuffing comprises a vegetable medley made up of king oyster mushrooms, zucchini, pumpkin and almonds. Healthier ingredients used for the stuffing will appeal to an increasingly health-conscious population plus the chicken used in this dish is raised using Japanese farming technology. This dish is ideal to be shared among 6 diners and great for small parties.



Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong - Festive 2019 - 'Kopi C' Flavoured BBQ Pork Spareribs and Hakka Salt-Baked Chicken with Stuffing - Baba Chews

From top to bottom: ‘Kopi C’ Flavoured BBQ Pork Spareribs & Hakka SaltBaked Chicken with Stuffing


Another innovative and fun dish is the ‘Kopi C’ Flavoured BBQ Pork Spareribs that presents tender juicy spareribs incorporated with a rich coffee aromatic house-made Kopi C marinate. Served with a ‘Rojak’ slaw and ‘You Tiao’ (dough fritters) crisps, this dish’s appeal is elevated to the next level with its refreshingly local flavours. Pork and coffee lovers can satisfy their cravings with just one bite. (S$60, inclusive of 7$ GST, 1 full slab)



Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong - Festive 2019 - Lobster & Seafood Curry Risotto - Baba Chews

Top: Lobster & Seafood Curry Risotto

Seafood lovers will enjoy the umami-laden Lobster & Seafood Curry Risotto where local curry flavours are intensified with the addition of Chinese sausages instead of the usual suspects of saffron/paprika and chorizo. This is one extravagant dish comprising one whole Boston lobster, Tiger prawns, black mussels, clams, squid and crabmeat and these seafood offerings are cooked with turmeric curry and Arborio rice.



Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong - Festive 2019 - Salmon with Laksa Sauce - Baba Chews

Salmon with Laksa Sauce


An item recently launched on the regular menu, and up-sized for festive takeaway is the Salmon with Laksa Sauce. Baked salmon is served with mashed potatoes and drizzled with house-made laksa sauce. This seemingly un-associated combination leaves such a memorable tantalising impression that you will come back for more. This dish is already a top seller in the restaurant since they launched it beginning this year at Baba Chews. Serving this as a half fillet is a good size for intimate gatherings. (S$83, inclusive of 7% GST, 800g)


Bringing back past favourites have always worked well for Baba Chews so fans can expect the signature Baba’s Beef Rendang (S$123, inclusive of 7% GST. 1.5kg). This year, the dish will be elevated with the use of USDA Prime beef short ribs. Also available are our ever-popular Crackling Pork Belly ‘Panggang’(S$91, inclusive of 7% GST, 2kg) which is BBQ satay-marinated pork belly served with pickled mustard vegetables. Also a festive favourite suitable for family gatherings is the Assam Turkey Breast (S$91, inclusive of 7% GST, 2.2kg) which is turkey breast stewed in house-made rempah paste with hints of tamarind, and coated with creamy curry sauce. Noting that gatherings tend to be smaller and more close-knitted in recent years, most of the festive takeaway items are customised for small parties.


Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong - Festive 2019 - Baba's Beef Rendang - Baba Chews

Baba’s Beef Rendang


Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong - Festive 2019 - 'Kopi' & Chocolate Yule Log - Baba Chews
‘Kopi’  & Chocolate Yule Log


No party is complete without sweets so expect festive bakes such as the crowd favourite of Chendol Yule Log (S$65, inclusive of 7% GST, 1kg) and ‘Kopi’ & Chocolate Yule Log (S$68, inclusive of 7% GST, 1kg). For the latter, chocolate and coffee lovers will derive satisfaction from the generous spread of ganache in between moist coffee chocolate cake.
The Baba Chews Festive Takeaway menu is available for order from now at: http://bit.ly/babachewsfestivetakeaway

Orders can also be made personally at the restaurant. Collection can be arranged anytime from 1 to 25 December 2019. An advance ordering of 3 working days ahead is required. Early bird orders of 8% discount apply for orders made by 8 December 2019.


Mod-Sin-Fully Festive Feasting at Baba Chews
Prefer to dine out to celebrate Christmas in style and comfort? For Baba-licious festive buffets that are truly unique and homey, make time to join us at Baba Chews either for dinner on Christmas Eve or brunch on Christmas Day.

Buffet at Baba Chews has always been the highlight of the festivities. Baba Chews charms with our quality spread of offerings featuring everyone’s favourites from self-assembled Kueh Pie Tee and Rojak, and sweets like the Nangka Cheesecake, to the all-you-can-eat buffet prepared ala minute that features not only the festive takeaway highlights like the Assam Turkey, Beef Rendang, and so much more.

The festive buffet at Baba Chews is available:
Festive Dinner on 24 December 2019 from 1800 – 2230hrs at S$62++ per adult
Festive brunch on 25 December 2019 from 1100 – 1500hrs at S$48++ per adult.



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