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A part of the heritage of Raffles Hotel Singapore since 1892, the newly restored Tiffin Room returns and continues to celebrate the flavours of North India with an elevated dining experience featuring a resplendent interior, new delights and an extensive selection of vegetarian specialities.

Newly refreshed, Tiffin Room showcases a reinstatement of wooden floorboards reminiscent of its décor in the early 1900s. It presents an extended menu featuring authentic specialties from every main region of North India like Kashmir, Lucknow, Punjab and Rajasthan. The century-old restaurant also delivers classic Indian brews and paired beverages as well as an interactive dining experience with tableside service by chefs, perfected with freshly ground spices.

Ideal for all occasions, Tiffin Room, a 58-seater venue, is a brightly-lit and inviting gathering place with bespoke furniture wrapped in buttery soft neutrals that evokes notes of coconut, ginger and cinnamon reflecting its cuisine. Soft-toned wall panelling punctuates the British Colonial shell while large, ovalesque chandeliers hang pendulously from the silver-leafed ceiling coves to illuminate the restaurant. Adding a touch of Asian exotic to the restaurant are vibrant antique display plates and tiffin boxes that reference the rich history of the restaurant. Awaiting guests in Tiffin Room is a dining experience that is fit for a Maharaja; with age old traditional North Indian specialties using traditional cooking techniques and ingredients of the highest quality and chef’s special blends of spices.





For lunch, guests can enjoy an exquisite array of delicacies with a tantalising buffet accompanied with pass around delights or opt for the Thali Experience, a flavourful curation of signature Tiffin Room highlights served on a classic silver plate known as a thali. Dinner at Tiffin Room is an a la carte affair and includes the heart-warming, customisable Mera Dabba (literally means “my box” in Hindi). Inspired by the home-cooked meals thoughtfully prepared by Indian families for their loved ones and packed into tiffin boxes, Mera Dabba offers a charmingly elevated North Indian meal experience presented in custom-made copper tiffin boxes and complemented with comforting curries, delicatelyflavoured rice, tandoori breads, chutneys and pickles.

Chef Kuldeep, who has been helming Tiffin Room’s kitchen for over a decade, had travelled through the various regions of North India to perfect his new menu when Raffles Hotel Singapore was closed for restoration. Today, he is introducing a variety of exciting culinary specials including savoury street snacks and vegetarian delights, to showcase the warmth and rich flavours of Tiffin Room’s hallmark cuisine that has always delighted the community. Chef Kuldeep is also pleased to personally attend to dietary needs with vegan or Jain dishes available upon request.

Mera Dabba - Murgh Tandoori & Prawn BalchaoMattar Mawa Kebab & Makhana PaneerLucknowi Murgh BiryaniFratelli MS Akluj Maharashtra Chardonnay Blend and Sangiovese BlendJhinga Kebab & Nalli RoganjoshChocolate Gulab Jamun & Phirni Brulee

Highlights from Tiffin Room’s fully refreshed menu include:

◊ Jhinga Kebab Marinated succulent tiger prawns in cardamom and Indian spices are threaded onto skewers, with a refreshing side of mango salsa
◊ Nalli Roganjosh An integral part of Kashmiri cuisine and a must have in a wazwan, this is an aromatic and robust dish of lamb shank cooked with dried red chilli paste and Kashmiri Indian spices.
◊ Makhana Paneer A well-loved and popular vegetarian delicacy, Indian cottage cheese is balanced with fenugreek leaves in a puffed lotus seed gravy.
◊ Chocolate Gulab Jamun A twist to a classic Indian dessert, these sweet milk dumplings are laced with bittersweet chocolate and saffron. Guests may also look to the carefully curated beverage menu for authentically Indian drinks, such as the classic Lassi with mango and saffron, and sweet, spicy Chai Masala. For guests looking for a nightcap, the Tiffin Room offers an assortment of exceptional Indian wines, craft spirits and beers. The following highlights the selection.

◊ Fratelli M/S The Fratelli M/S range is a union of Italy and India: the coming together of the Secci brothers from Italy, along with Sekhri brothers and the Mohite-Patil brothers from India, creating a wine of truly international standards but made in India using centuries-long Italian wine-making traditions. Fruity with natural ripeness and tannins well-blended in, both reds and whites offer a very good impression of vineyard fruit on the palate and a long savoury finish.
◊ Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky Amrut’s flagship Indian single malt, it is a Punjabi single malt characterised by spices, fruit and honey.
◊ Kingfisher Lager A definitive Indian beer with a crisp and refreshing taste profile.
◊ Jaisalmer Gin Triple-distilled in a traditional copper pot with eight uniquely Indian botanicals, it is a creamy brew with the warmth of spices and boasting faint notes of spice and citrus.



Raffles Hotel Singapore, Tiffin Room When: 12pm to 2pm daily for Lunch 6.30pm to 10pm daily for Dinner

Where: Raffles Hotel Singapore, 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673 Dress: Casual Chic (No shorts and slippers) Prices: Lunch buffet priced at $62++ per person Dinner a la carte menu starts at $15++



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