CRYSTAL JADE LA MIAN XIAO LONG BAO UNVEILS REFRESHED MENU New additions include tempting Northern Chinese dim sum and inventive dishes


Synonymous with an extensive selection of Northern Chinese specialities ranging from expertly-wrapped delicate xiao long baos and well-executed dishes to crowd-pleasing la mian, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao has just refreshed its all-day dining menu with some tantalising additions; some with Group Executive Chef Martin Foo’s inventive touches.

Diners can now feast on these inspired creations at all Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao island-wide.


Back by popular demand, Steamed chilli crab xiao long bao 辣椒蟹小笼包 ($13.80 for 6 pieces, $22.80 for 10 pieces) is a blushing beauty that reveals chunks of crab meat in a punchy and spicy chilli-infused broth that tastes just like the real McCoy.

A popular rustic Chinese home-style ‘xiao cai’ or appetiser, Shredded potatoes & pine nuts with sour and spicy sauce 酸辣松子土豆丝 ($7.80) comprises fine julienne of potatoes that are quickly tossed over high heat to retain a slight crisp bite and served with a tangy and spicy sauce made with quality ‘Zhejiang’ vinegar and chilli oil.

Another moreish bite is Petite preserved vegetable dumpling 一口酸菜水饺 ($7.80 for 6 pieces), plump with a combination of finely-chopped tart pickled preserved vegetables and minced pork.





Chef Foo’s local-inspired take on a ‘shao bing’ or baked flaky pastry, Salted egg yolk pork floss pastry 咸蛋黄肉松酥 ($5.30 for 3pcs) envelopes a flavourful filling of savoury pork floss and salted egg yolk.


Prettily-crimped round the edges, each Pan-fried chives pancake with egg 韭菜盒子 $5.80 for 2 pieces) reveals a light flaky shell with a filling of fragrant stir-fried leeks with eggs.

Roasted duck with basil leaf 金不换老卤烤鸭 ($15.80) is a novel creation conjured by Chef Foo that marries succulent roast duck with an alluring homemade basil leafinfused soy sauce.

Braised sliced garoupa with pearl garlic in brown sauce 红烧独头蒜斑片 ($25.80) showcases pearl garlic; a one-clove varietal that boasts a more intense fragrance and milder flavours. These nuggets are braised in a luscious savoury-sweet sauce. and paired with generous and meaty pieces of flash-fried garoupa.

Given the popularity of Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao’s La mian with scallion oil, another version; La mian with shrimp & scallion oil 鲜虾葱油拌面 ($12.80), provides another option.



Steamed Chinese mugwort glutinous ball 艾 草 青 团 ($6.80 for 4 pieces) are toothsome emerald mochi-like spheres infused with the slightly-bitter and intense aroma of mugwort; a herb well-known for its healing properties.

All prices are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing GST

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