Pinxin Beer Garden 品鑫海鲜小厨

@pinxinbeergarden Pinxin Beer Garden 品鑫海鲜小厨 is a hidden gem, located right inside a golf driving range at Bukit Batok.

It has an upper level overlooking the golf driving range, while you dine in.

There is a popular “garden area” where most beer drinkers gather to enjoy their beer with some delicious Chinese cooking.

The lady boss operated there for many years already and they even operate a catering business in the past.

We see many regulars here and some nights are packed. So if you want to visit do try to call for a reservation.

The menu is quite extensive and will try to introduce new dishes regularly.

These are the signature dishes we have tried and recommend:

Signature Superior Stock Beehoon 招牌黄焖汤 $16

Truffle Tofu 松露豆腐 $18

West Lake Beef Soup 西湖牛肉羹 $12

Garlic Fried Diced Chicken 蒜香鸡 $16

Nam Yu Crispy Pork Belly 南乳炸肉 $13

Crispy Wasabi Prawn Wasabi 虾球 $20

1664 Blanc $10

Asahi Black $11

Prices are reasonable, authentic Chinese cuisine with really excellent Superior stock.

Taste is comparable to many high-end Chinese restaurants which normally charges you 2 times more.

Their menu is available for dine-in or delivery/takeaway, just order from

2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7 Golf Driving Range Singapore, Singapore 659003

+65 6268 5005

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