Kakurega The Lair 隠れ家 yakitori and sake bar


Kakurega (The Lair) is a NEW yakitori and sake bar under KM7 Capital, holding company for #COCA and #TukTukCha.

Brand NEW Japanese Sake Bar, Kakurega The Lair 隠れ家 opened its doors in the heart of bustling Chinatown in December 2020.

The sake bar has a cozy, chic ambiance and is the perfect hideout to relish the pleasures in life – charcoal-grilled yakitori and sake. Kakurega The Lair 隠れ家is a new addition to KM7 Capital (holding company for COCA and Tuk Tuk Cha Bistro). With a seating capacity of 50, the triple-storey bar has four private rooms (two larger ones accommodating eight diners and two smaller ones accommodating four diners). Highlights include Kohitsuji Yaki (lamb racks with garlic chips), Gyu Tataki (meltique beef), Charcoal Flamed Grilled items such as Hotate Mentai (scallop with mentaiko Sauce), Unagi Kabayaki (baked eel), Buri Kama Shioyaki (yellowtail cheek) and Kushi Yaki such as Buta Bara (pork belly)

Kakurega (The Lair) has just launched an All-You-Can-Drink Liquid Buffet.

Promo details:
All-You-Can-Drink Liquid Buffet @ $59
2 Hours Free Flow of Selected Japanese Sake & Asahi Beer
Yamagata Issyou Koufuku Junmai
Yamagata Issyou Koufuku Junmai Ginjo
Hakkaisan Honjozo
Asahi Draft Beer

Available Monday to Saturday, 5pm -10.30pm

Reserve now on http://bit.ly/3faL52v
Address: 12 Smith Street, Singapore 058926

Some of the dishes we have tried:
Zensai (Starter)
Eihire (Sun-Dried Stingray Fin) – $7.80
Kawahagi (Dried Leather Jacket) – $6.80
Shime Saba Aburi (Flame-Seared Cured Mackerel) – $10.80

Age-Mono (Deep-Fried Item)
Kawaebi Karaage (Deep-Fried Kawa Shrimp) – $7.80
Niwatori Karaage (Deep-Fried Chicken with Sesame Dressing) – $6.80

Sumi-Yaki (Chargoal Grill)
Gyu Tataki (230g Meltique Beef with Garlic Chips) – $18.80
Hotate Mentai (Scallop with Mentai Sauce) – $6.80

Kushi-Yaki (Skewer)
Apsara Bacon (Asparagus wrapped in Bacon) – $3.80
Chashu Ringo Sauce (Pork Belly with Apple Sauce) – $6.80
Tori Momo (Chicken Thigh) – $3.80
Mozzarella Chizu Maki (Creamy Mozzarella wrapped in Beef Short Plate) – $6.80
Buta Enoki (Enoki Mushroom wrapped in Pork) – $3.80

Address: 12 Smith St, Singapore 058926

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