Dashi master Marusaya | Maruasaya 丸佐屋のランチメニュー



Dashi master Marusaya, directly managed by Japanese katsuobushi wholesaler Marusaya.
They are dedicated to natural dashi and serves you with Japanese dishes using plenty of natural dashi.

Maruasaya 丸佐屋のランチメニュー
Authentic Japanese Cuisine Using All-Natural Dashi. They started as wholesalers of Japanese broth ingredients in 1962. Japanese broth called “Dashi” is the foundation of Japanese cuisine. The most popular type of Dashi is made from Katsuobushi (Dried Bonito Flakes). Though Katsuobushi is basically produced by simmering, smoking, and drying for about 1 year, their Katsuobushi rakes 2 years for its process. By this process, the Umami taste is concentrated in premium Katsuobushi(Satsuma 2-year-old Hongare-Honbushi) and it’s flavorful, nutritious, and healthy. They use only All-Natural Dashi (no MSG and other chemical seasonings) to bring.

We really enjoy the delicious, healthy-tasting, authentic Japanese dishes and we would like to recommend them:

Authentic Japanese Cuisine Using All-natural Dashi

A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Premium Dashi Shabu, Grade A5 Japanese Beef Premium Dashi Hot Pot $98

Assorted Sashimi Chef’s Omakase Selected 5 kinds, for 2 pax, $40

Dashimaki Tamago, Japanese egg Omelette $12

Hokkaido Pork Cutlet with Dashi Sauce $28

Hokkaido ice-cream $6

Dashi master Marusaya offers natural dashi-based dishes to spread the distinction of carefully selected katsuobushi, especially Satsuma 2-year-old hongare-honbushi.
Some of the other popular Japanese dishes are available here too, for example, sushi, sashimi, set lunch, udon, etc, it is as authentic as it can be.
Executive Chef and VP from Japan oversees the kitchen to ensure it is up to mark.
They serve an excellent selection of sake, Japanese beer, highball, and many more. There is outdoor seating overlooking the river too. Make a reservation as it could be quite busy.

+65 6732 0383 marusaya.sg
86 Robertson Quay#01-01 Singapore 238245

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