Yanxi Palace Restaurant 宴喜宫火锅 a new luxurious hotpot experience located at The Great Ballroom in Hotel Re!


宴喜宫火锅 offers a new luxurious hotpot experience located at The Great Ballroom in Hotel Re! . There are 8 specially curated soup bases to choose from such as Tomato Soup, #Mala Soup, Mushroom Soup, Pickled Cabbage Soup as well as Pepper Pork Stomach and Chicken Soup. The signature is the premium Buddha Jump Over The Wall that is prepared using the finest ingredients such as Shark Cartilage, #Abalone, Fish Maw, Kampong Chicken, Dried Mushroom, King Oyster Mushroom, Dried Scallop, Dried Orange Peel, Ginseng and Cordyceps etc.

We recommend the following:

Soup Base:

Imperial Elixir / Seafood Porridge


Buddha Jump Over The Wall

1. Sliced U.S. Beef

2. Selected diced Waygu Beef

3. Rose Beef Tongue

4. Sliced Kurobuta Pork Collar

5. Seafood Lollipop

6. Minced Shrimp with Cheese

7. Minced Shrimp with Water Chestnut

8. Meat Balls Brothers

9. Seafood Platter

10. Vegetable & Mushroom Platter

11. Meat Brothers

12. Rose Tofu

13. Lucky dumpling

14. Organic Handmade Rainbow Noodles

SNACKS:1. Crispy Pork 2. Salted Egg Fish Skin

BEVERAGE:1. Yuzu Calamansi 2. Bubble Tea – Matcha, Da Hong Pao, Earl Grey , Original

For the #hotpot items, one can look forward to an extensive selection of Meat, Seafood, Mushroom and Vegetables. The Selected US Wagyu Beef Slice under the Meat section will whet your appetite with its distinctive marbling. The eye-catching dishes are the Rose Tofu, Seafood Lollipop and their Ice Jelly desserts of Rose Ice Jelly, Signature Ice Jelly and Osmanthus Ice Jelly.

Yanxi Palace has also introduced the 3 Brothers Series, Minced Meat Brothers, Meat Balls Brothers and Meat Brothers which offers a combination of 3 different type of items under the same category.


There is an opening $1.00 promotion for a plate of Wagyu, Flower Crabs or Black Pork. This offer is limited to 1 serving of either of the 3 items per table while stocks last.

Diners can also enjoy 20% off their total bill after 11pm. Not valid on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Eve of PH and PH.

Free flow homemade desserts until 13 Dec.

175A Chin Swee Road, Tel 8858 9711
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