MEN MEN DON DON· Specialize in Japanese Donburi and Noodles (Udon and Ramen)!

MEN MEN DON DON· Specialize in Japanese Donburi and Noodles (Udon and Ramen)!

Men Men Don Don serve Fast, Affordable, Delicious bowls of rice and noodles, their Chicken meat has been marinated slowly in special sauce for more than 48 hours. Specially made Char Siew and Stewed Pork that is boiled over for a day. Pork used for Tonkatsu are marinated for more than 12 hours in traditional Japanese fermented condiment, Salmons are from Faroe Islands in Denmark and Scallops are from Aomori prefecture in Japan.

We recently tried their popular dishes at the Hillion Mall.

Spicy Miso Tonkotsu Ramen: Miso Pork Base Soup + Home Made Pork Char Siew, the soup base is flavorful and intense with a bit of spiciness, the pork or char siew is thick and tender, must have been cook over a long period to achieve this texture.

Niku Udon: Beef + Bean Curd, the beef is generous and the bean curd is very similar to those found in Japan. The soup base is sweet and authentic. One of the better tasting udon found in Singapore so far.

Unagi Salmon Mentai Don: Salmon Sashimi + Unagi, Unagi with Salmon , great combination, very easy to eat and fall in love with.

We also recommend these side dishes , Crispy Fried chicken Karaage, soft and large Gyoza as well as large selection of Assorted Sushi.




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